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  So2011  |  4

Lol. At my school, we go to the back field which is full of dry grass. If there is a fire, the fire will be strongest where we are. Plus we would all be trapped since surrounding us is the school and a big fence.

  Ecklcakes  |  15

Having said that the tanks don't sound like they're particularly safe vessels for holding propane given that they are also "extremely flammable and explosive". :P

  Gringe  |  1

Why does a school have propne tanks nvm ones big enough to mow down students

Btw if the fire gets to ur line id assume ud leave... Not like propane changes that right? Fire is fire

  KunoKanashimi  |  3

8, do you go to OceanLake in Lincoln City? O.o Cause that sounds EXACTLY like the Elementary school here. Big field in the back, surrounded by fence. Though a lot of schools might be that way...

  philipino  |  24

DocBastard, we need your idiot to English translator! Or we need to bitch-slap some sense into Gringe, but slapping trolls makes your hand smell funny.

  lissalove17  |  8

When I was in high school, we had a bomb threat. We were all told to go to the football field, where we were supposed to stay until they checked the school. Luckily there wasn't really a bomb, because the football field was checked last, after we'd already been sitting out there for 2 hours.

I guess any future bombers of that school know where to put the bomb?

  X_Codes  |  11

@76 Nevermind that not all fires are massive infernos that burn everything in sight. Grease fires in kitchens are not all that rare or exceptionally dangerous to human life, but a big one could force an evacuation and get the fire department called in.

  aurynforever  |  11

Could just as easily been a Jay-Z reference.

  HeartOfLead  |  24

Keep it to yourself. Once they've foun out that you knew their master plan, you'll be asked to go to the guidence counselor for a "private meeting". In which you then will end up in a ditch and the star of those new corny comcast commercials. Don't end up in a corny comcast commercial *EXHALES DEEPLY*

  stevenJB  |  25

I think if they are standing that close you won't hear screams...just the boom and the sound of body parts falling to the ground :D maybe some screams of the ppl who were
Lucky enough to be a distance away their screams when they wake up. Oh the beautiful image!