By tukker - 17/07/2009 23:14 - Canada

Today, my brother replaced my cologne with whiskey. I have a job interview and I smell like a drunk. FML
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Alcohol has a strong smell. Unless you're scent-impaired, YDI.


How can you not smell it yourself? Could have covered it easily, too.

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YDI for having a dumbass brother. Don't want your brother to be a dumbass? Should've beat him when he was young.

Does anyone else suspect that #17 (Suffertree) is about 12 years old? LOL, seriously, whenever I see his comments I think of an annoying little brat who keeps saying "I know you are, but what am I? I know you are, but what am I? I know you are, but what am I?"

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way to reply to the first comment da.

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Suffertree is the reason why people tie their kids to trees and leave them there. ._.

Yeah, just rake a shower or something?

Yah man, I'm with #86. Just rake a shower.

Alcohol has a strong smell. Unless you're scent-impaired, YDI.

I can't smell alcohol. but the thing is I can't get drunk either no matter how much I drink so it must be some conditio or something

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But what if he didn't notice until after he sprayed it?

Do you not smell your cologne before you use it?

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Why would anyone smell a bottle of cologne before using it? It was probably in a spray bottle. I wear perfume all the time and I never stop before spraying it and think "Hmm, better check this first because maybe a sibling replaced it with something else." Everyone who's saying this guy deserves it is a jackass. Whisky is cologne-colored, and if it was sprayed onto his clothes, he'll have to change into another job-interview-worthy outfit, be late, and probably still smell like a drunk.

perfume does have a shelf life. You might want to start smelling it before you spray it on youself. Most guys colonges don't come in refillable bottles. OP, how little time did you provide yourself to get ready? Just take a 15 minute shower and change into a different set of slacks and a dress shirt + tie. No need to FML, just plan ahead. How could you not smell it before hand?

I know I smell my perfume every time before I use it, and it's not because I have a sibling who might do something devious someday. OP, one, do you really need to take a full length shower to get (what I hope was a small amount) of whiskey off your body? You just change your clothes right after... I'd say even less then fifteen minutes for all of it. And if you don't have the time to do so, you really should've organized your time better. You know why? Because life happens.

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I agree... wash it off. Worst case scenario you're a little late. Better than smelling like a drunk.

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Yup. It's a YTDI for not just jumping back in the shower.

Personally, I don't think that 11 year olds (like #5 and #17) should be allowed on this site. Run along to back to your treehouse, boys!

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you should put nair in his shampoo

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lol yeah, if the sense of smell runs in the family, the brother will never know the difference till he uses it!

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i take it you do a lot of whisky drinking ... lol jk ;)

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You must wear some godawful cologne if you didn't realize before you applied it that it smelled like alcohol...

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Hey, it worked for the Demoman, right?