By baffled - 22/08/2012 20:36 - United Kingdom - Norwich

Today, I had to slowly explain to my best friend that when babies are born, the umbilical cord is attached to the baby's belly-button, not the mother's. FML
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krazyapples9 4

And that is why we don't drop babies.

mintcar 9

Today, I had to explain to my 18 year old brother why babies do not drown in amniotic fluid. I share your pain, OP.


krazyapples9 4

And that is why we don't drop babies.

Would that have any relation with your profile pic or no?

FMLshark 12

Some babies were thrown. OP's best friend may have been one of them.

Elovena 9

It's pretty scary. .

afairshake 8

Um your picture frightens me on more levels then I can even express I'll be seeing that in my nightmares later one word creeper.....

26- on my first glance your profile pic looked like Mad-eye Moody

RedPillSucks 31

If you don't cut the umbilical, then they just bungie back up when you try to drop them. Nature has a cure for everything.

Bless. I hope you were gentle. At least your best friend realizes babies don't come via a Stork...

Lindahhxd 7

Just to mess with her, tell her the baby's gender is determined by temperature. Like an alligator's baby, it's gender is determined by the heat/coldness of the shell. We learn something new every day eh.

LittleGreenPaola 23

Or you can tell that gender depends on what you eat, just like in the sims 3.

Inheritance 10

23 is it really? I didn't know that lol; and he's right you do learn something everyday!

Whoa!! It depends on what you eat in the sims??? What foods go with what sex?

debbster7 18

39- Apples = boys Watermelon = girls

Is there any food your sim can eat to make them have twins?

My sim watched the kids channel and she had twins.

LittleGreenPaola 23

In the sims 2 you have to eat cheesecake while pregnant to have twins, in the sims 3 you have to watch kids channel on tv. I love that game.

And if you want triplets on the Sims 3, you can listen to the kid's station on the radio and watch the kid's channel at the same time. :)

katydid95 5

Must have skipped health class.

Your friend seems to just radiate intelligence

kristina_woof 6

Some people... *facepalm*

iamabamf 17

Some comments...*facepalm*

Exactly, 38... Well said.

mintcar 9

Today, I had to explain to my 18 year old brother why babies do not drown in amniotic fluid. I share your pain, OP.

FMLshark 12

These are the people who also think they can get a tan from a desk lamp and think blueberries are peas holding their breath.

18- wait; they aren't?

18 - I thought peas were blueberries that weren't feeling well. I'm so confused.

18,27, 34- LOL. Wow guise. Wow.

Even if no one had ever told her this, in all- or most- pictures of a fetus, the umbilical cord is in their belly button.

Because people look at pictures of fetuses often...

I have a whole gallery dedicated to fetuses.

Is it in a folder called "School Stuff"?

sensoon15 7

I wonder what would their reaction be if they had a baby and didn't get taught that.

You will have to explain this one to me. How would it be attached to the mothers belly button? the only ways that I can think of are an internal connection that would require the womb being punctured or the cord going... erm... around and up... lets leave it at that.

Why, it's a sort of super power of course! The ability to give birth from the belly button, it's quite stunning really. Very impressive.

Whew. And I thought reproductive ignorance was an American thing. Did she have health class with a guest lecturer named Akin?