By Axelerate - 21/06/2014 06:49 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, while ringing up a girl, I asked for an ID to verify her credit card. She said she forgot it but pulls out her Facebook on her phone to show me it really is hers. FML
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Axelerate tells us more.

Hey it got posted! This girl was around her mid 20s. I work in a souvenir shop in Vegas and company policy states to verify credit cards with photo ID. With debit cards all they need is their PIN. Credit, all they do is sign but c'mon, anybody can sign the name if it's stolen. Right after she does this, I couldn't help but to burst out laughing. Can't anybody just go and change their name on Facebook anyways? She got a little irritated but I'm sure even she knew it has to be an actual ID. I wouldn't risk a write-up and tell her it's fine but she paid with cash and all was good!

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I curious to know what you did after..

gjikvtj 18

1 dumb girl = society


boring_boredom 15


I curious to know what you did after..

And how she reacted. "You need an actual ID to use the credit card?" GASP I had no idea.

Hmmm, time for a follow up OP!

alice_18 16

Well, in Georgia, where I live, an ID isn't required to use a credit card. Maybe she was a tourist or something.

Tigerblossom 19

One time I forgot my ID and the cashier actually asked me for my Facebook instead. It's sad people think that social media can be used as a form of identification.

An ID is ALWAYS required.. Read the back of your also hS to be signed. It's lazy workers who don't ask that's the problem.

I live in Georgia too!

daisylokes 16

well, at least she tried. lol

ID = Identification .. In this digital world Facebook is a universally acceptable form of ID, that's why we have stocks of Facebook because its a real thing

and people can make fake accounts and make a fake ID...

#68 You can only ask for someone's ID if the back of their card is not signed. it's technically illegal to ask for ID if the card is signed

skyttlz 32

I work at a fast food pizza place and I have to check ID when someone pays with a card. I've never been asked to show ID at any other fast food place in town. It's kind of annoying having to do it at my job.

its pretty sad what our society is coming to

gjikvtj 18

1 dumb girl = society

This saying is so annoying! When did it become so popular because it needs to go away!

Dumb people aren't a new thing.

21--- probably shortly after shitty situation.

Exactly why I deleted my Facebook account

Because of 1 dumb girl equalling society?

madridista14 8

But first, let me check my Facebook

Well isn't she smart

Or...maybe she's really smart. She created a.fake profile to make people think she's really stupid....

Respect101 17

That plan is so crazy it just might work... ( Master of Disguise movie)

ktiskool 18

The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me :P

Well.. That's a new way to do things

I'd really like to know your response to that stupidity. What'd you do and how did she react?

DL, passport, birth certificate, social security card, and Facebook. Yep pretty identifiable.

Lmao! I'm sure this person still rang her up like normal!

LOL! This needs a follow up