By futuregigolo - 22/12/2012 00:11 - United States - Strasburg

Today, I went to the local used books store to sell all my college textbooks. I spent several hundred dollars on them in total. I ended up walking out of the shop a pathetic $3.50 richer. FML
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You should have asked to clarify whether she said "$350" or "3.50".

This is why you always buy textbooks secondhand... I learned that the hard way.


Markg1994 0

You should have asked to clarify whether she said "$350" or "3.50".

For real. They offered $3.50, but you didn't have to accept it.

oj101 33

You're right- second hand books should always be sold at half it's original price unless a new edition with slightly different content was released, and then it should be 20%. There are rules established to guarantee a fair rate of return. When I sold mine, I got 50% back for books I bought as second hand the year before and one didn't sell as no-one wanted a study guide with notes indie.

48- $3.50 richer doesn't mean profit. it means OP went in with books and came out with $3.50

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63- I think it does mean profit, unless you are saying the books were worth nothing

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#85- It still wasn't a profit though, because she bought the books for a couple HUNDRED dollars and she only got $3.50 for them. She didn't make a profit.

85- She sold the books for $3.50, if it were a profit it wouldn't be a FML. Plus, I've never met a used book salesman, that in this day and age, would pay OVER what the book is worth.

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You should have sold them on Amazon... may not have given you as much as you bought them for but it would sure be better than $3.50.

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At my garage sale my friend was selling his Beats by Dre for $350 and a lady tried to give us $3.50

My Mom had bought the entire hardback "Left Behind" series for over $150. We went to a used bookstore and got 12 bucks.

This is why you always buy textbooks secondhand... I learned that the hard way.

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^True, but if you damage/lose them, you have to pay as much as if you bought them. The truly sinister thing about textbooks is that even the ebook versions are hundreds of dollars now. >:(

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That's what I do. Then after I'm done I post the on Craigslist.

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Or you could download the ebook from the pirate bay for free

I always try to buy used as well because I often save 70-80%. But lately, professors at my school are assigning textbooks with access codes to programs like MyMathLab, and they're actually requiring students to use them. Not only that, but you can't buy access codes "used" so I have to shell out $30-$40 extra. I suspect that my college is doing this on purpose to make students buy and sell only at the college bookstore and it's a rip-off. buy/sell books there. They give you around 79%-80% back

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Wow. You are really bad at bargaining.

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They're just as bad at grammar too.

I don't see why anyone would accept such a terrible offer...

That goddamn loch ness monstah! Allways after that tree fiddy!

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You give him tree fiddy he's gonna assume you got more!

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It's called selling online bro.

I find selling to the black market is better. You sell the History books to potheads since; they'll trip out when they find Abraham Lincoln isn't a vampire slayer, the Chemistry books to meth dealers; so they can create it better; the English textbooks to any drug dealer; since ain't noting wrong wit teaching em some grammar, your Economic textbook to drug lords; pretty self-explanatory, and your Biology book to poachers.

sooo, in short, I should donate my books to drugs?

The college's bookstore would have decent prices too. Anywhere would have been better than a used book store.

Yeah. I deff have to say YDI. Sell em to someone for next semester, though, I do realize they change textbooks literally almost every year. But you could have made more than 3.50.

The college bookstores only have good prices if you are the first one to sell the book back. What I do is buy on Amazon and then sell back to the university on the first day they start buying them back.

You should have donated them to someone who didn't have enough money to buy them but still needed them then.

When I moved recently, I donated all my books from college to the local high school. Their appreciation was more then enough reward.

Then why did you sell them at all? I wouldn't sell any book for that price, not even the bad ones :o You could always try selling them at a different place or make an ad. Or as the person before me suggested, donate them to people who can't afford a couple hundred dollars.

especially considering not one but several books have been sold resulting in 3.50

Sell them at eBay or craigslist. You set up your own price and won't get easily run over with such a low price. 3 dollars and 50 cents? That's pathetic op.

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Every semester I sell my books on eBay, amazon, or Craigslist. I don't make all my money back but a good 80-85% of what I spent. It must be OP's first semester.

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You do realize you had the option of NOT selling them, right?

But then OP wouldn't have had any compensation at all

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Yeah, it sucks selling your used books. They're usually not worth much. That's why I usually buy used ones and then I sell them on for a decent price.