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By NeverEscaping - 03/02/2013 00:52 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I decided at age 18 that it's time to put into storage the picture books that have been collecting dust in my room for nearly a decade. My mother took this as a sign that I'm planning to move out and abandon her forever, and has been crying for the last four hours. FML
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Well. It is your mommy. All mommies are like that! You just gotta talk to her and comfort her that you're not moving out yet! Tell her you love her!

KM96 24

At least it's a sign that she does love you and will miss you, when you do leave eventually


Well. It is your mommy. All mommies are like that! You just gotta talk to her and comfort her that you're not moving out yet! Tell her you love her!

HowAreYouToday 34

I totally agree. She might be hyper-paranoid, but she loves you.

Totally on board with this. My mom's already upset about it and won't stop bringing up how much she's "gonna miss [her] little puppy" when I move out. I'm fifteen. Just show her your love like 1 said, OP. Not only will she appreciate it but that's what you should be doing!

squideth 18

My mom wasn't like that. She loves me dearly but knew she had raised me to eventually move out and make my own life. Not that it's odd for a parent to react like this, but not all mothers are like that.

I agree with everything so far. My mother was upset for about a week before I started college, but she was able to power through most of it because she was so happy for me to be moving on with my life. I had a terrible time growing up being bullied and just hated pretty much everyone in high school so I could not wait to go to college. Moms need to see that a lot of times their kids will find more of who they are when they leave the house and need to be happy for them to be blossoming. It's fine to be sad, but try and be happy for them being their own person and taking control of their lives.

.... Your moms are weird. I moved out of my mom's house at 17 AND I moved across the world to a different country and she didn't completely lose her shit.

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Hardly a bad thing, your Mom is practically begging you to free load it at her place for a few more years

SynysterNero 20

She sounds more loving than most of the other parents listed on these fml's

Well, you ARE 18, so you must be moving out within the year at least?

Depends, there's really no set rule on the subject, there are lots of factors, employment, education, health and of course the situation of the family, not everyone leaves at 18-19 years of age

Michael_92 20

My old math teacher was at home until he was 24. It just depends. I am 20 right now but I am going to be getting a house as soon as the weather warms up. There are just tons of variables.

I'm 25 and was living at home while I went to school. I finished school in December and just moved into an apartment two weeks ago. Everyone is different.

It indeed seems like it differs a lot, especially from country to country. I moved out when I was 15-16 years old, without economic support from my parents and without a job. I'm soon 18 and neither me or my partner that i live with has a job, but paying all our bills fine, because in Norway you're paid for going to college/higher secondary school. Then you look to the US where you have minimum wage, so the jobs students get can't even cover half of the bills.

I am 20 but would like to move out. what is stopping me is I have no job and even if I got one I would not be able to be active in theater or have to quit school. By staying at home I can do what I love but soon I will have to move out since I will Transfer to a college.

Sounds very weird to me, haha. A weekend job here is enough to cover a rent. We're lucky we don't have minimum wage, we'd get at least 25 USD per hour in an unskilled job (cashier, pizza baker, cleaner etc.) when over 18.

So for baking pizzas, you make the same amount as a medical scientist? Are the pizzas made out of money or something?

wlddog 14

Way to be the shining example 28. You should write a book on how to mooch off of everyone else. Oh wait, people already do that here in America.

52- I'm sure those working two jobs for peanuts and no healthcare are the worst offenders. It's not like US averages longer work weeks or less pay than many other countries...

You don't seem to understand minimum wage lady. It's a thing that forces companies to pay a certain amount at least per hour. If it were not in place, people would get paid less.

wlddog 14

No one makes $25 an hour on an unskilled labor job.... Unless it requires a little personal contact. Course, that is illegal most places and your not even 18 yet.

KM96 24

At least it's a sign that she does love you and will miss you, when you do leave eventually

AsianCookie247 14

just tell her that you're gay to change the subject.

Michael_92 20

There's an idea....if you are a idiot.

An*, but that's beside the point. I agree with you. This is a really stupid response to the situation and could easily cause more problems. We know it was a joke, it just was't too funny.

Michael_92 20

It actually just wasn't funny. I joke all the time and live for sarcasm but some things just shouldn't be said. That's one of them. Ps...An* there fixed it.

Totally agree. Don't wanna hurt his feelings though, what if he actually enjoyed his joke? :P

15- This is the Internet. Since when have others' feelings ever mattered?

44- True. Fuck you, you shitlicking cuntnugget.

yes! thankyou laden_swallow09. these guys wer getting a little to sentamental for me. :)

>Disregard feelings >Get moderated

Personally I think all of these kind of problems are due to a lack of communication. I mean, just talk to your parents about your future plans, that way no one will be surprised or shocked if you are to move out. Besides you would find out at an earlier stage that your mother is that set on keeping you home. So I'd say talk to each other about such things.

Right on. Communication is the key to success in all meaningful relationships!

Personally, I believe that half of all FML could have been solved or prevented if people talked freely and truthfully about things.

I use a special hairgel made from unicorn puke, leprechaun beard hairs, gypsy tears and the ground toe-nails of angels. It give my hair it's natural shine and it puts it into that style almost instantly. I suggest you try it.

41- I love your hair too... Do you think he was bashing on mine instead?

I actually just thought he was talking to the dog

Michael_92 20

While I might admit that maybe she over reacted a little bit you should however be thankful because there are many kids who's mommy and daddy don't care and kick them out instead.

FFML_314 11

You could always just live off her until you're 30. That seems to be reasonably accepted these days. *Bring on the thumbs down for the "not so acceptable" comment.

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Aw, that's kind of sad. She probably feels like she's losing her baby boy. Have a little compassion and go talk to her. Sometimes moms need a hug and words of encouragement too. She just loves you. Not everyone has that luxury.

Whether you plan on moving out in the near future or you want to stay at home while you go to college, you should talk to her. Tell her your plans so that when the time comes for you to move out it doesn't come as a shock to her. Communication is very important.

oj101 33

Storage? Can't you put your stuff in a sealed box and place it in your garage/attic as opposed to paying $150 a week for storage in a location where you have to drive to, and is not that secure?

what if they don't have an attic or garage?

Wow, your storage is really expensive.

I think by storage OP might have meant that he WAS putting away his books in an attic or garage, rather than cluttering up his room.