Shitty customers

By Rosie J. - 10/11/2016 02:45 - United States - Leawood

Today, I saw an older gentleman running through my store. I wasn't sure why he was running towards the front door until I looked at the floor and saw a poop trail behind him. The trail went from the front of the store all the way to the back of the store. Guess who had to get the mop and bucket. FML
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*Older gentleman 1 hour before* "I could really go for some Taco Bell right now"


This sounds more like an fml for the the poor poopin' Grandpa.

erm not really he isnt the one who has to clean that shit up

Yeah, because that's so much worse than leaving a trail of crap.. Give your head a shake bud.

"Poopin' Grandpa". Sounds like a 1980s punk rock band.

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it would probably be more like The Shittin' Gramps (@16)

*Older gentleman 1 hour before* "I could really go for some Taco Bell right now"

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All "shitty situation" puns aside for once, it sounds far more like an FML for the older gentlemen for having to be embarrassed over something that he can't help. Poor guy.

I have heard tell of a sentient snake that will banish you to another plane of existence if you make a shit pun. I personally think its made up. Somebody should make a shit pun to prove me right.

Here are my three guesses: 1) Hillary Clinton 2) Colin Kaepernick 3) Megyn Kelly Please let me know if I won.

I don't know what is worse, older gentlemen pooping his pants or OP cleaning up afterwards...

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As much as I feel bad for you OP, I feel worse for the old man..

I feel much worse for him than I do for you