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Oh so it's was just ghosts then. Don't worry it's no big deal.

Call Sam and Dean, quickly!


I really hope there are some pets in this house in addition to the kids

Pets don't grip doorknobs & hold them while you're trying to open the door.

My dog has #18, she learned to grab them with her paws and open doors, and she then learned if she holds it her her mouth she can lock us in. she ways 215pounds and she's very lean, so she's all muscle. So a dog could do that, although I haven't heard of it before.

maybe #1 said that because of that superstition that pets can see/sense ghosts and protect you!

Was the door already closed and you just felt resistance when you tried to turn the knob yourself? It was probably just something loose in the mechanism.

Oops, just saw "pulled the door shut," so I'm assuming it was actually open or you would've said "held" or something. Never mind, OP, it can only be ghosts. Burn the place down and salt the ashes, it's your only option now. Leave the kids, it's too late for them.

Sometimes doors can jam if the knob is turned, the curved lock doesnt go in, which makes the door stay shut, and when it loosens when you let go or put further force, it pulls in fully allowing the door to open.

so... burn the house down with the kids inside.... Yeah, that should make you feel better...

Well you're going to take the kids out first #34 op is in the house also, s/he just going to burn herself to death also?

Maybe a breeze if the window was open? When I have my window open, even a slight breeze makes my door slam shut.

That's a fucked up thing to say.

I remember in my old house the door would feel like it was being held shut but really it was just a stupid push lock it scared the crap out of me first time I used it i got locked it lol :P

Or you know. A ghost.

No pentagrams no problem...

Pentagrams are actually symbols that protect against evil so..

different positions/ versions of pentagram represent different things.

Nah, what you need is to surround the place in salt

Spooky scary skeletons

Send shivers down your spine.

Body's aching all the time?

thanks mr skeltal

Oh so it's was just ghosts then. Don't worry it's no big deal.

Unless you start seeing stacked chairs or the kids with their heads facing the wrong direction. Then your only option is to run.

^yea, but then you'll trip over some nonexistent object and your kids/ghost will get you.

so um what's the number for the Ghostbusters again?

Google is you friend #70

Grab the kids and burn the place to the ground. The parents will thank you for cleansing their property of the demon. I guarantee it.

That's.... That's no how you get rid of a demon. You have to stab them with a special blade.

Why would you take the kids though? The demon would just latch on to them and follow you.

Stangbang92....I have watched supernatural. And so many people have made references already just shhhh. It's called a joke.

if it's guaranteed...

My thoughts are don't go over to that house again. Creepy stuff.

At the very least, if OP vacated her bowels whilst in the bathroom, at least she wouldn't have a mess in her pants from being spooked.

OP, sorry to say, but it sounds like a poltergeist. My h/s buddy has experienced events of objects being moved around @ his place. Yikes! Supposedly, if you ask it out loud e.g., at the start of your shift, it will sometimes behave itself for a while - hopefully until you're gone - but I wouldn't do so within earshot of the kids. No sense in upsetting them.

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Can someone explain the joke to me? I don't know who Sam and dean is

#23 is a reference to a show called Supernatural.

you're a legend

daniel271 13

Get out period.

Get the salt and iron!

Don't go back to that house. Imagine it follows you to your home. Well, that's if you believe in ghosts.