By estrelladam - United Kingdom - London
Today, my father complained to me about his lack of money. He makes twice as much as me, and doesn't pay rent, electricity or water. FML
estrelladam_fml tells us more :
Hi, it's OP there. I'd like to give you more details because I always like to know what's behind a story. I didn't register before today, and in fact never thought i'd be published. My father doesn't live with me, fortunately. He lives in a house divided in two. The other half is occupied by his brother, who pays the bills (and isn't very happy about it!). He is retired and has no debt. He doesn't pay for the house insurance either, and managed to get his taxes lowered, though he still complains about it. He buys a lot of books and newspapers, which is fine for me, because after all, he does what he wants with his money. But I'm bothered because he doesn't pay for anything in the house, which is deteriorating. Every time I try to talk to him about he complains that he has no money and that I don't understand. It's very frustrating for me because I have to pay for myself everything he's not, and I earn far less. Besides, as he lives far from me, I have to pay for travel and accommodation every time I visit him. Well, that's the story behind my FML. Thanks for your comments, some made me laugh
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  tygerarmy  |  35

You can be living free and have no job, no money. My ex couldn't hold a job, I paid our rent and bills, she always complained about not having money. Not having money is a reason to complain about not having money.

  BananEnigma  |  24

Considering it says that he MAKES twice as much as OP, I think we can safely assume that he does indeed have a JOB.

Therefore, your argument here is invalid.

  BananEnigma  |  24

My mistake - OP's follow-up makes it clear that he's actually retired, which means he's probably got a pension.

However, any pension that is twice as much as even a BASIC living wage (minimum wage) is a fairly decent one, and he should be able to have a fairly high standard of living, unless he squanders it all on useless BS. He needs to stop complaining.

By  RoseKaioh  |  9

I have the same issue with my friends. I have one in particular who has huge 2 bedroom apartment to himself filled with dc/marvel memorabilia and he eats out all the time, he is on centrelink (welfare) and doesn't work.