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By amie - 11/08/2009 08:43 - Canada

Today, my mom said that we needed to have a family meeting because of all the issues that have been going on with our family. My mom, sister and I sat down and began to talk about everything. As I started to cry, my sister looks at my mom and says, "I win!" She bet my mom $20 that I would cry. FML
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Sunako_fml 9

well, i guess now we know the reason why all these issues have been going on in your family. sister betting with mom that you would cry... they really have nothing better to do.


Would have been fun if you were on an episode of "Punk'd". Oh well Ashton.

iSmellNice 2

What's with all the FMLs about family members betting $20 bucks about someone?

StingMunFizzy 0

I don't think its real.. Too many like this:/

Sunako_fml 9

well, i guess now we know the reason why all these issues have been going on in your family. sister betting with mom that you would cry... they really have nothing better to do.

And did this teach you anything???? Like stop being the one who cries all the time?

_Underscore 0

Excuse her for having human emotions.

There's a difference between crying once in a while when things really aren't going your way and crying all the time because something kinda bad happened.

....and I assume you have total control of every bodily function you have and do? She doesn't/didn't just decide that it was a good time to start crying.

I have control over when I cry, and for everyone saying I'm heartless or whatever, read the FML. They had issues, the girl cried, the mom and sister placed a bet on it. If it had been so bad that the OP should've been crying, the mom and sister would've been crying as well, or at least not placed a bet on it. CLEARLY she cries a lot, so SHUT THE **** UP! Seriously, it's not even worth fighting back because you people have full confidence that your way of crying all the time is the right way.

_Underscore 0

Just because the mom and sister weren't crying doesn't mean the OP should be mocked for crying. Different people respond differently to every issue. And they were probably just jerks for betting on it.

Just because you're a heartless bitch with no emotions doesn't mean everyone else in the world is. Besides, you don't know what kind of family issues they were so.... **** OFF

I agree with #4. I think we see what "family issues" you're dealing with now. I'd cry too if my family was comprised of such assholes. But, it's still funny. =D

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LegndNikko 0

What the **** is with you and mental retardation? Grow up...

Turn it around and zing! WTF is it with men and emotional deficiency? It goes both ways - a healthy medium is what should be aimed for. There's nothing wrong with crying - male tendencies are not automatically the best tendencies.

Exactly. I'd rather cry sometimes than not be able to understand my own emotions because I am, as you said, emotionally deficient. But yeah, a happy medium is best.

Emotional deficiency (or, rather, emotional equilibrium - rather presumptuously using the term "deficiency" implies that an overabundance of hysteria is somehow, bizarrely, normal and acceptable) goes hand in hand with logic and rationality. I'd prefer to think with my mind, not my hormones.

lizz7372 0

Nah man, you can have too much of just logic- emotions should be a factor in decisions too, it's qualities like empathy that can make the world peaceful and kind. This might be an odd example, but ever seen Watchmen? Dr. Manhattan becomes distant and detached because he reasons solely with logic and no emotion, to the point of not even caring a bit if humanity died out. If any human ever thinks that it doesn't matter whether people live or die, there's something seriously wrong there.

Whatever messages you gleamed from that godawful film consisted solely of hollywood tripe that wasn't present in the book (besides, I'm a committed misanthrope, and I disagree completely with the notion that not giving a toss about the state of humanity is a bad thing.) Irrespective of my other opinions, I get what you're saying, but being rational and emotionally competent aren't necessarily mutually exclusive - It's possible to be a thinker with a heart without bursting into floods of completely ******* unnecessary tears at the most superfluous bullshit conceivable. Hell, I even know a few women who manage this perfectly well.

Yeah, but the whole point of the OP telling this story was because her mom and sister were being cruel to her. You call her emotionally fragile because she cried, but you don't know anything about her and thus have no basis for telling her to Grow Up. Maybe there's a reason for her to cry, and yet you sit all too comfortably behind the mask of your "male emotional stability." Yes, you may claim that you're just more logical than emotional, but you're still a douche bag.

Actually, I read that before puberty finishes boys and girls cry about the amount... after puberty males cry a lot less, and generally only to genuine emotional distress (bereavement etc).... a guy will generally not cry out of frustration or because somebody said something mean to them. One argument I read is that that there is an evolutionary reason for emotions. For example anger serves a useful purpose in that it makes people feel that you will seek pointless revenge (a disincentive to **** with you). Similarly crying works by making the other person feel bad

doicha27 0

it only makes you feel bad if you're a little bitch!

I know how you feel. I have a family like that. It goes to show you that people can be really insensitive, especially is your sensitive :)