By My spit everywhere - 30/12/2015 07:48 - United States - La Grange Park

Today, I went to the dentist. She had a tool that sucks up saliva, and put it in my mouth. She told me to close my mouth, and I did. Turns out she forgot to turn it on, causing my saliva to go all over my face. I had to sit like that for the rest of the visit. FML
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Couldn't she just send you to the washroom and give you a towel or something?

That really... Sucks. I'll leave now


Couldn't she just send you to the washroom and give you a towel or something?

For real... My dentist wipes my face off if something like that happens and they really don't want me to move. That's weird OP.

That really... Sucks. I'll leave now

Apparently, no it doesn't.

Symantha23 25

Ew! I hate going to the dentist because stuff like that always happens to me too! Sorry OP!

Or the suction thing sucks your uvula up now that is horrid

If that always happens you should consider changing dentist.

You'd think she'd be professional enough to let you clean up. Look on the bright side, it could've been a drill or worse. Chin up, mouth open OP.

That tool always freaks me out, at least it wasn't blood.

moocowmilk0 19

She didn't even clean you up? what a crappy dentist

That's awfully callous of that dentist. It's like she didn't give a spit about you.

Weirdest money shot ever?

Usually they have a towel around your neck, you didn't use it o wipe your face?

My dentist tells me to turn it on when I like... Why didn't you just do the same?

Your dentist has you turn it on? That's odd.