By Lorus - 23/08/2011 07:30 - United States

Today, I passed a kidney stone. This is the third one in two years. I'm only 23. FML
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Joshoa123 16

Slow down on the soda?

guess it's time ro start drinking water


Joshoa123 16

Slow down on the soda?

crazychick1269 7

or they smoke to much!

Joshoa123 16

My mother has the same problem but shes 39. Drinks a lot of pop and smokes. Wouldn't call it a coincidence.

I heard a lot of sodium causes a part of it.

Joshoa123 16

According to her doctor, you sir are correct.

Better a kidney stone than a baby?

Jaimegirl 7

Yeah my dad has never smoked and I think he has passed two...that sucks for OP though those sound painful...sorry OP :(

Better make some life changes otherwise your urethra is gonna be huge;)

Drink 4 ounces of LimeAway each day. It will cure all your problems.

The end of your urethea must the size of a pencil.


Third times the charm? Idk maybe it's the last one(:

Slow down on the soda, yeah. And a little less mcdonalds... :) good luck man!

Slow down on the soda, yeah. And a little less mcdonalds... :) good luck man!

You can have a totally healthy diet and still get kidney stones. I've passed 4 or 5 in the past 3 years, plus had one removed. I don't smoke or drink much soda at all. It's partly because everything has added sodium in it these days and partly because my kidneys don't process uric acid right. Don't assume that just because someone has kidney stones, they don't eat healthy.

I got you beat i had it at 14

It's caused by dehydration my friend, the crystals in your kidneys clump together to form a kidney stone when you are dehydrated

Ow! Thats what happened to my little brother except he's twelve and he passed all three in a month

n_epic_fail 14

he needs more than dropping the soda. nd at least girls can't bitch at OP about the pains of child labor... he's felt the male equivalent, twice.

kidney stone is rated as the worst pain a person can feel. it sucks.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Your diet isn't "totally healthy" if you're eating enough food with added sodium to become this huge of a problem. If you just cut out processed food you don't have to worry about sodium.

@135: Obviously sir, you have never held your thumb tightly over your urethea when suddenly approaching climacteric apogee. (Cleaned up the language here because of all the young *******).

Farside... you do make a "painfully" astute point. LOL.

emmanizzer 6

156 - You have... experience with this? And yes, that does sound horridly painful.

@156: Yeah, but only once. Kidney stone may be painful, but there probably never has been a study on it. The worse parts, beside the pain, are the streaming tears, flowing sinuses, and the dripping, boiling earwax.

cradle6 13

Really sucks man. I've heard from women that it's worse than childbirth. So change your diet dude.

unomo 0

Doesn't any one known that an excess of calcium is a leading cause of kidney stones? Lay off the milk and u'll be fine!

smileyxo4 5

I passed my first kidney stone when I was ten. They form from excessive intakes of phosphoric acid (gatorade, colas, and more). Not everyone has kidney stones if they have a lot of phosphoric acid; they are genetic. 25- Doctors consider passing a kidney stone is the only pain that can compare to child birth. So technically, it's like having a child. So technically, I already "gave birth" when I was 10. Oh & OP- I'm only thirteen and I've passed one.

smileyxo4 5

I've got you beat. I passed mine when I was ten.

smileyxo4 5

That was @106

yeah but in this case it could very possibly be true. All this site is is people complaining about crap that they many times have no reason to complain about.

guess it's time ro start drinking water

Or stop sitting on the shitter and straining yourself.

Eggers 2

whoops. I hate when I accidentally thumbs down a comment i like. I feel like I'm betraying the poster

oops_im_fucked 8


actually lemon can help prevent kidney stones.

nixter5 18

I thumbed it up for you eggers!

Eggers 2

Thanks ^_^ +10 internets to you, nixter5

A shit load of water

DeathMaple 3

Try a healthier diet.

smileyxo4 5

Health has nothing to do with it. I was ten when I passed my first one and I weighed under seventy pounds and I was very active. They are mostly genetics.

xDefendPopPunkx 14

Sorry dude. Kidney stones seem like they hurt like hell and I hope I never have to pass one. Even the thought is painful. FYL.

It's better than childbirth though. Would you rather pass 3 kidney stones of give birth to 3 children?

xDefendPopPunkx 14

Easy, three kidney stones. As Bill Cosby said, "chidbirth is like talking your bottom lip, and pulling it over your head." Ouch...

I'm 20 and have over 25 kidney stones. I've had them for 4 years. They don't know what caused so many. My first attack made me pass out from the pain. They suck

slimjim8094 12

This old fight... All the women I know who have experienced both had more trouble wifi the kidney stone. And men have all the extra piping to deal with

NessieNessa 1

How big are the babies and how big are the stones?

206 - it's not really a matter of what's bigger, remember the stone has to pass through a much smaller pipe and one not designed to stretch unlike a ******.. Some stones can be quite large relative to the plumbing.. I can say from experience that the agony is extreme and while ill never experience childbirth, every woman I know that's done both (and I know a few) agree that stones are worse.

208 is right. Stones are much worse. Mine are pretty small but my dad had one the size of a golfball

smileyxo4 5

Doctors say passing a kidney stone is the only pain that can compare with child birth. I "gave birth" when I was ten.

That isn't.. Normal?

what is normal? what is weird? is weird different and normal popular? think about it.

Eggers 2

normal isn't passing 3 kidney stones in 2 years

What Eggers said.

My friend has had 2 in a month

BelleBelle_fml 11

I'm 21 and I've passed 6 kidney stones in the last 7 months, and I have 2 more hanging out in my kidney. It's very normal to have more than one stone at a time. And once you have one you're more prone to have more. My doc said it was due to dehydration and too much calcium.

smileyxo4 5

I passed mine when I was ten. It's called genetics.

Samko_chan 5

of course not!

nikkibabieexoxo 0

noo you get kidney stones from too much sugar/soda/sweets so if youve been eating alot of those things i suggest you stop or have alot less unless you want a kidney stone.

that's your body telling you to quit drinkin' shit and start treating yourself better...

smoothies or cocktails lol

shinotenshii 0

i will be coming for you soon

7 - What the heck are you talking about? 0_o

shinotenshii 0

i am death's angel, the stones are a small problem, it will eventually turn into a bigger one. my intended meaning was he should go to his doctor and ask aboit options to remove any remaining stones.Before somethimg bad happens

yeah but if the stones are too small to be seen on imaging, all OP can do is pass the remaining stones.

Samko_chan 5

wow that sucks. try drinking cranberry juice and go to the doctor to get the rest removed.

My dad gets it from something- acid and the doc said it's hereditary :/

nixter5 18

Are you daft?

Actually, it's totally possible for kidney stones to be made of uric acid. Also if kidney stones run in your family, your risk IS higher.