By Anonymous - 17/06/2009 04:25 - United States

Today, my mom had one too many and announced to all of my friends that, if she had the opportunity, she would bang Gwen Stefani. FML
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That shit is BANANAS!

who wouldn't?


cucuto89 0

Cool Story BRo

shouldn't this go to that my life is great website?? You friends must love you....a MILF wanting to do Gwen Stefani....FTW FTW FTW FTW!!!! How can this in ANY way be a bad thing??

rallets 22

thats a FAIL youre doing it wrong

kmknotek 0

i would fuck gwen stefani tooo....

*Searches frantically for who cares button* At least she wasn't coming on to you. ... or was that what you wanted?

^^ My care cup is so empty it's a fucking black hole

heyyou1203 0

exactly. How does this f your life? So maybe your mom embarrassed u in front of ppl? Big deal.

Agree with #2. Sorry, but my care-o-meter just hit ZERO

That shit is BANANAS!

dinosaursmoo 0

Bahahah XD You just made my day.

Awh, your Mom is awesome!

who wouldn't?

crystalbluewolf 3

yeah at least she picked someone of good taste.

My thoughts exactly -Who wouldn't.

AntiChrist7 0

if she bangs GS, tape it and put it online.

Aray 0

oh my god that's fucked hahaha!