By idonthavelice - 28/02/2010 13:44 - China

Today, while I was standing in the elevator with a few people I just met when I moved in yesterday, I felt something fall on my hair and dusted it off. It was a cockroach. None of them will come within a 1m distance to me now, because they all think I've got lice. Welcome to the building! FML
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I don't think losing them as "friends" is that big of a loss. If they think cockroaches are headlice then they're morons.

Cockroach =/= Lice.


I don't get it... how does cockroach = lice?

How can they confuse lice with roaches? I thought lice were practically invisible. They didn't know their crappy building had cockroaches?

they sound retarded anyway

Yeah... FYL for having to live around people who are too stupid to tell the difference between a louse and a cockroach.

shave off all your hair and pretend to have cancer so they wont think u have lice

ya and your so smart you mispelled lice as louse

Lice is the plural for louse. one louse, many lice. Nice command of the English language you got there Junolee...

Why did your building have cockroaches in the elevator? The people you work with sound like retards.

Nice name. It suits you.

2nd actually. But thanks for playing we really enjoyed having you on the show.

Oh, come on. If you're gonna moderate the asshat, moderate the replies too. -.-

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Eww. FYL

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Hmm.. that's just stupid =|

agreed. although I would freak if a cockroach was in my hair. :/

At least you don't have Herpes.

Cockroach =/= Lice.

In future conversations, whenever there's a pause, just mutter under your breath: "I'm cleaaaaaannnnnnn!" :)

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Definitely, or just walk up to them and say to them "Hi there neighbor! I do not have lice." Just seems logical to me.

I don't think losing them as "friends" is that big of a loss. If they think cockroaches are headlice then they're morons.

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He doesn't excatly know they think it's lice, since they won't talk to him. They probably think he's just infested with roaches.

roaches are fun!

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ehww no

wth I'm mean you didn't ASK for it. it just happened right?

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Orangebox! haha I love the picture.

and how did you find out that they think you have lice if they won't even go near you? I'm pretty sure the reason they won't go near you is that you have cockroaches in your hair. 100% more nasty IMO