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Ok, when is your date with him?


Ok, when is your date with him?

How are you with sucking chrome?

You know, achieving high vacuum is not a desirable effect in fellatio. Sucking is just a figure of speech, not a quantity to be maximized!

You’re a pump operating at zero flow rate. Any engineers in the room???

That is, until the jawbreaker breaks free of the boba straw and then there will be a sudden flow of air into the sucker's lungs.

Pressure across a pump is called head. Higher the pressure differential the lower the flow. At zero flow rate the pump is giving “maximum head”

True, but that's not the BEP.

So your crush is a notorious shallow womanizer. Maybe raise your standards a bit before you go out and buy another boba straw.

Guess I missed the womanizer part....

You don't become "Notorious" for dating skinny girls if you aren't a womanizer. That would indicate he has dated a significant number of them.

Idk seems like your way in

You can still have a friends-with-benefits thing with him. He can close his eyes, and pretend he's getting blown by a skinny girl, and you can see if you're able to suck his cock so hard you end up sucking his testicles right outta his nutsack. It won't be a meaningful relationship, and you're definitely not gonna grow old together, dying in each other's arms surrounded by 3 generations of your family, but it will be a lot of superficial fun, and in the end, what matters most is how awesome it was to suck your crush's cock, even if he was never attracted to you.