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Today, my husband thought it would be hilarious to slip a little fake blood into the bathtub while I was relaxing in it, eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, the water was one big cloud of red. I screamed so loud that I might as well have been dying, and yes, he recorded everything. FML
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Haha why wouldn't you just laugh it off? I think it's hilarious!


Haha why wouldn't you just laugh it off? I think it's hilarious!

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FYL indeed, but that's hilarious! When does it hit YouTube?

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It can be hypothetical serious, with big periods, possible miscarriages, and those who are anemic, but thankfully it's not. This is hilarious...

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I don't know about most Canadians, but Canadian truckers will devour your soul. Slowly.

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Am I the only one that thinks this is just NOT okay? She probably thought something was terribly wrong and could have had a panic attack. Her husband just inflicted unnecessary torment and forced anxiety upon her.

#2 You need to take a breath and think about your comments before you post them, being number 1 or 2 isn't everything.

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Guys if we can show some common courtesy, she is French and clearly English isn't her first language. Guidance first, pretty sure half the ***** here were mangy curs of commenters once. Peace out, **** the king.

I don't think English is her first language. go look at her about me. Believe it or not, not every person is from America, which means not every person is going to speak English, and if they do, it may not be perfect. At least she made the effort, and, if we're being honest, she did a better job than most Americans with her English. Perhaps *you* need to take a breath and realize that people aren't going to live up to your ideal of perfection all the time. If you'd taken 10 seconds, you would've seen that there's a simple explanation for why she typed the way she did.

Just want to point out that even though I'm from America, I could put that I'm from Spain and nobody would know the difference...not saying that #2 did that, but it's always a possibility!! So everybody should take a DEEP breath!!!

@13,posting a short comment written in an unusual way doesn't automatically make the commentator's intent being the first or second poster.

#44 I'm not saying that it does, however on the FML posted after this one she was first comment and her comment was thumbs downed because she posted a meaningless short comment. I'm just trying to give her a helpful tip to prevent future situations like that. I was in no way taking a jab at her use of the English language as her comment was grammatically correct.

Actually, she's speaking English properly. It's inverted syntax which is still proper English but it's just a pain in the ass to read.

Her English is way better than my French. And her profile is adorable. If it bugs you, message her and help her English out.

HONESTLY GUYS. Who. Gives. A. ****. why should someone feel bad when getting thumbed down? People are always commenting about other people getting thumbed down. You put your opinion somewhere, and if people don't like it, they press the thumb down. if they do like it, you get thumbed up. Honestly, it doesn't matter if you get a thumb up or a thumb down at all. Just try to have fun. And before you go all grammar nazi on someone, check their profile. It takes like 10 seconds. This girl is 14 years old, french, and trying to learn english. No need at all to make fun of her, i've seen tons of american or english people mess up on their grammar too. And not because they were trying for "first comment" either.

I mean he can't post it online, you were in the damn tub! Still, I'm sure later on you'll laugh at it, if he hasn't already deleted it.

that is pretty funny but if it upset you just get him to delete the video hopefully he will understand.

Something about your profile pic and your comment makes me think that you are being sarcastic...

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The video must be funny, just be happy that at least you didn't have a heart attack. FYL for having a husband who enjoys terrifying you!

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Well, that's another weekend of entertainment all sorted... Thanks for the idea OP