By Noah - 16/08/2016 18:43 - United States - South Haven

Today, I was at a bar with my girlfriend, and I noticed an obnoxious guy from college I used to hang out with. I tried to avoid eye contact, but all of a sudden he shouted, "There's the guy who puked his margarita back into the glass!" Everyone stared. Yup, that was me, just last week. FML
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That was a "wasted" opportunity to punch that guy. I'm so sorry

You should've responded by throwing up in his drink. That'll show him


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So basically, if you ever attend a party, you are responsible for everyone else's behaviour, not just at the time but weeks into the future as well. Sure, why not?

Eh, I have a bad gag reflex when it comes to liquids like alcohol, so I've accidentally done something like this 2 times in my life, before I had even gotten tipsy. OP might not have drank that much yet either.

I'm guessing you're also one of those people who thinks the solution to STDs is for nobody to ever have sex, too, 13...

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#14 i think #13 was talking about #12. if you have a gag reflex due to liquids /like alcohol/ maybe you really out to not drink... just a thought not a lecture.. though I would not be thrilled to party with someone who is prone vomit that readily when it could be avoided if they didn't drink... just saying... though I'm the type that's mentally on their knees praying no one drinks more they can hands and starts blowing chunks. I get grossed out easily. but honestly a gag reflex to alcohol seems odd. it's typically not an odd consistency or anything. I mean... what?

That was a "wasted" opportunity to punch that guy. I'm so sorry

What are you talking about? He sounds like an all-around nice individual, not obnoxious at all.

You should've responded by throwing up in his drink. That'll show him

how does one puke accurately enough to get in a margarita glass?

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I'm assuming he felt it coming and put the glass to his mouth instead of puking all over the floor or himself...

Oh come on OP. Everybody has this kind of storys. In a few weeks you will laugh about it.

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You should have asked him if they let him out of the hospital early and if he was taking his hallucination meds. Him denying that would be like a written conviction.

Shit happens sometimes. Similar thing happened to me once. Was at a bar out in the country listening to an outdoor band. Had a bit too much to drink and ever so casually puked in my red solo cup...(luckily it was empty at the time). Tried to do it as "discretely" as possible...did have a drunk guy ask if I was ok and then complimented me on my aim. Was slightly embarrassing at the time, but I laugh about it now.

Dude, have fun, laugh it off, life happens. Just file it away in stories to tell your grandkids about shenanigans and move on.