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Today, I discovered that my dad still doesn't consider my career as an app developer a "real job". FML
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I honestly don't know why it reminds you of Portland, Maine either.


...and you'll have never worked a day in your life. - Wise Words From My Grandmother

As long as it pays him "real money" and pay the "real bills" then I don't see a "real problem"

Idk why but this post reminds me of Portland, Maine.

I honestly don't know why it reminds you of Portland, Maine either.

Maybe because of the show Portlandia that makes fun of uppity people and stuff like 'app developers'? That is the only conclusion I can find to that lol

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Tell him it's a hobby and not something you consider "work" either! Doing something that makes you happy will truly make your quality of life even better!

My grandmother always tells me that "if you're doing something you love, you've never worked a day in your life!"

But if you love what you do! Then higher chances of living a NICE life with no financial problem. Just saying. (Business owner dad once told me that).

Explain to him what it is and why you do it? Tell him about your journey up untill this point, works on parents once in every while...

There's an app for that? Or at least there will be after you create it and shove it in his face

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I thought a job was where you get paid for doing work. I guess not e.e

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I know right? OP should say those exact words to the father. You get paid to develop apps, and I'm sure if OP wasn't bringing in that money, and was always asking daddy dearest for money, the dad would have a different view on app developers being a real job. If the dad actually uses the money OP makes from app developing, OP should say, "You sure had fun using the money from my non-job to..." (pay rent/buy groceries/ pay the cable/light/gas/water etc bill) and say for whatever he uses OP's money.

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app developers do make money.

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Lol, I read #7's comment as being kind of sarcastic, and meaning something like what I said.

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It's okay, just prove to him how far you can go. Fighting OP

Do what makes YOU happy! If we did what made everyone else happy in life most of us would be severely unhappy/depressed. It makes you happy, it's enjoyable and you make money, maybe your Father is just jealous he's not had a job that enjoyable? In any case be proud of yourself!

Well that's a load of crapp! All puns aside, show him how much of a real career it is by creating an app that he and many others will subsequently download, then tell him you made it!