By saltinawound - United States
Today, I was dumped by my boyfriend of almost a year because he was no longer sexually attracted to me because I'm "overweight," even though I only weigh 130 pounds. Afterward I went to my friend's house and sat in an old wooden chair. It broke into pieces as soon as I sat down. FML
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  jussjess  |  0

Look, sweetheart, here's the deal. I weigh more than you and my boyfriend loves my body. But it wouldn't really matter if he didn't, because it's not his body. It's mine. That being said, read everyone's comments and consider what they've said, then make a choice based on what your comfortable with. Hopefully, that intails leaving this guy behind for someone better who can appreicate all 130 pounds of you. :)

  zoosteful  |  0

yeah, 202. stop acting like a smart ass because you aren't. REMEMBER: muscle weighs more than fat. she could be very muscular. or she could have bigger bones. it really just depends on the body type and the genes.

  gennyv  |  29

I think she meant to say she is five feet nine inches. Honestly with this FML though, she probably isn't fat, but there still is the possibility that she is really short and has no muscle. If I weighed 130 pounds I would be obese because I'm only 4'10".

By  alex_vik  |  0

Looks like that chair agreed with your ex. And you never said your height, 130 would be anorexic for someone my height, yet it would be pretty big if you were 5'0"-5'3"

  Pebblesbnl13  |  0

So not true! Im 5'1 &.120, & im not over weight at all. 130 is not.overweight. So if you think it is why dont you just go have a little bromance with her ex. You guys sound perfect fot eachother.