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Today, my aunt had to smuggle me some regular toothpaste. Why? My mom isn't letting anyone in our house use anything but "Coral Paste." There are actually lumps of coral in it. FML
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don't know if I should trust u, your fml sounds a bit fishy...


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it's what all the cool mermaids are using! 8D

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Ahhh barnacles

Anyone want to explain the benefits of coral toothpaste? Or what the fuck it is anyway.

sounds like a lumpy situation. Sea what I did there? ..I apologize in advance everyone.

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All i can say is what the fuck

So you brush with dead fish

Coral toothpaste! For that Minty Spongebob smell!

yamatelle 19

Considering the fact she might make you pay $27,601 in the future for raising your lazy ass, I would suggest you just use the coral paste and make the bill $5 less everytime she refuses to buy toothpaste. According to my calculations, that's $4,295 you're saving yourself from.

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I'd be hell to brush your teeth with that stuff if you wore braces. The stuff would get caught in it.

38 if those are all the words you can say, I feel sorry for you. I shouldn't be bragging anyways. These exact words I am saying right now, are the only words I know. :D

-62 I feel sorry for you you've never heard of the word boobs :(

use baking soda and rinse with combo ever

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is it called Coral-gate?

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98- More like Coral-B

rallets 22


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So, probably extra expensive tooth paste with bits of dead endangered sea life. That's the worst idea since that cologne with real bits of panther from the anchorman movie ;D

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Wats ur problem dude?

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I know right! I didn't even believe there was such a thing until I googled it!

Coral paste sounds like poison to me

So this is like... O.K. Coral? What, too historical?

#42 Coral is closer to a sponge than a fish

that can't be legal.

coral-B lmfao :D

That's not normal

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80% of the time, it works every time

No one got the old FML ref.?

Why did you give me a thumbs down :(

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That stuff must make your breath smell rank. Gross!

That is probably the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong.

Paste some sense into her brain.

Or slap some sense into her brain.which ever works faster

It makes me wonder what else OP's mom is gonna try to change in the house? Krabby Patties in their burgers? *-)

Or piss in her drink.

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just for the record you shouldn't use corral paste too often, it'll kill your enamel.

don't know if I should trust u, your fml sounds a bit fishy...

Or the mom sounds obsessive and crazy

it was a pun, laugh

Coral? Fishy? I can't see a pun there.

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That's so CORAL!

I "sea" what he's saying

im pretty shore everyone did

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Don't be a beach.

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Dude please change your pic, the guys mustache is horrid :D

and where did she buy this stuff ?

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I was wondering the same thing!! lol

Bikini bottom.

Usually a health food store. Floride is toxic!

Coral Paste contains 1.23% fluoride so it wouldn't be at all helpful to someone who didn't want to use fluoride.

nativepimp 1

sounds like it would work well actually lol

I found it online cause I was all curious about it, u can only get it online tho

and you know this how??!

Haha you made my day

Your mom is just looking out for the family

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yeah because toothpaste is SO dangerous

okiidokii_fml 6

77- it's not dangerous. Coral toothpaste is really good for ur teeth

Learn sarcasm, genius.

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129 - I never said coral toothpaste was dangerous, I said regular toothpaste is NOT dangerous. Follow me?

Barnacles or bust!

That stuff is really good for your teeth. Stop complaining.

How is it good for your teeth?

the coral is a natural replacement for the tiny bits of ceramic and iron in normal toothpast

Ok, I did not know that

no worries, I didn't want to be rude

also alot of toothpastes have seaweed anthem as well

63-you are so sweet and polite :) that's really refreshing :)

Harsh abrasives are not good for the tooth enamel. Also toothpaste should contain fluoride. Using a soft toothbrush and brushing after meals and at bedtime, along with flossing daily is the best way to prevent tooth decay.

while that Is true, natural abrasives ar still healthier than acidic drinks such as orange juice or soda as natural abrasives break down much easier than artificial ones

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It depends. I googled it out of curiousity--you can buy fine coral toothpaste or you can buy coarse coral toothpaste. It even comes in bubblegum flavor

Coral Paste contains Fluoride so they are covered there. My best guess is that the OP needs to convince her mom to get the fine and not coarse because other than that I really don't see the issue with using Coral paste.

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125- Nobody wants to hear a dentist preach on fml... Seriously, don't you have something better to do than that?

So, 164, dipshits are allowed to run off at the mouth every which way about things that they have no clue about, and the knowledgeable people have to shut the fuck up? My, the world is changing...

I get thumbed down for being correct? Morons are running wild on here.

And where exactly she got the coral paste from is the question.

Quite... and do people realise how long it takes coral to grow? Not exactly a replenishable resource. Why not go old school and just use coal dust?

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Coral is a specific type of underwater plant. The toothpaste his mother is getting has small pieces of this plant so, his aunt is secretly giving him regular toothpaste.