By Quendolin - 09/11/2015 14:07 - Germany

Today, I put one of those checkout dividers in front of my groceries on the conveyor belt in the supermarket. The guy standing in front of me turned around, looked me straight in the eye and said "I don't trust you." as he put a second divider between our groceries. FML
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This is actually hilarious, lmao.

Well, Germans used to never pay attention to borders. Old histories can leave scars.


This is actually hilarious, lmao.

as someone who does this kinda thing all the Time, I can tell you he was just going it to Fuck with you. And it seemed to work

Well, are you Jewish?

Should of stared right back menacingly and said I wouldn't either

Should have* paid attention in English

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#27 that was a well done burn.

And then added another divider to the second... to add effect.

Well, Germans used to never pay attention to borders. Old histories can leave scars.

you have been nominated for comment of the week. congratulations

On a list of things that are not okay, that is on a grey thin line of being okay.

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I'm very well versed in world history, since it is a passion of mine. Usually, I won't respond to idiocy, but you merit a response. Never did I once insinuate that it was only Germans. Secondly, your pie reference has no relevance to my comment nor to the FML whatsoever. The obvious should be obvious. Denk ein bisschen mehr, mein Freund.

it says the the author is from Germany. >~

Read more than your american authored history books then. My country has had it's share of bad behavior, but before you insult the Germans you might want to start sweeping in from of your own door Mr. Smarty. Native Americans and Nuclear Bombs is all I'm saying my friend ...

@Mightytall And did the Americans as a whole want to drop atomic bombs? Hah.. right. Let's not forget who got the US involved.. You got upset because you thought he singled Germany and Germans out, but you just did the same. Now aside from that, there's been natives from every land that has been pushed out by another people. Just how humanity works. So that's an invalid argument.

I'm sorry, but this made me laugh. I have to do this one day.

You should've put a third one to assert dominance

While constantly staring at the guy.

And peeing on him.

This actually made me laugh heartily out loud. Good on you! X-D

Nope, you should have claimed the no man's land between the two in the name of your glorious empire and told him that any movement into that land would be regarded as a declaration of war.

Word on the street is, that if you put 3 in a row, you can buy one...

Well, shit, now his groceries are twice as secure if you're planning on on stealing them… before he buys them.

Look him in the eye and put a third one down

Them carrots are the devil's work.

What do rabbits need such good eyesight for anyways?

Predators such as foxes.

#38 I understood that reference!