I'm not getting paid enough for this shit

By Username - 20/10/2010 18:08 - France

Today, at work, my boss made me spend a hour trying to catch a baby raccoon in the parking lot. I'm a bank teller. FML
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YDI for being a bank teller . What IS a bank teller?

zakkyzebra 11

haha funner than your job I bet. yes I'm aware it is more fun. don't grammar rape me

dude!! that was freakin hilarious! :) mmd.

*Haha, more fun than your job I bet, and yes I am aware that it is 'more fun.' Please don't grammar rape me. ^ Consider yourself grammar raped.

lol 39, you just got grammar raped by 47 xD Thought you were smart, amirite?

why not just write more fun instead of correcting yourself and sounding stupider? (yes i am aware that its stupid, please dont grammar rape me)

melanie177 1

Well... baby racoons are cutee sooo..

AntoshaChekhonte 6

Eh, been there, done that. I've chased animals all over the place for various jobs. It's a matter of public health for us and safety for the animal. Would you rather the little bastard got hit by a car? That's not very nice of you.

actually I'd rather my boss get hit; the racoon as well

iSitt 0

I'd rather none of you get rabies

brookeec 0

I bet it was something different. Atleast you'll go home today with a funny story? :)

Aww! He probably thought he was going to steal from the bank :p Well, I hope you didn't harm it, if you ever did catch it xD But FYL for having to chase it :s

Well duh! Didn't your actual job become redundant about the same time ATMs were introduced?!

An ATM machine won't allow you to withdraw a $1000 or more.

MissErikaHart 0

Vegas ATMs let u pull out $5000... (in the casinos) Vegas ftw

I would rather catch a raccoon than wait on asshole bank customers. ever hear a raccoon complain??

Fun, at least you didn't have to sit around..