By Anonymous - 30/09/2013 23:54 - United Kingdom - Bathgate

Today, I walked into the kitchen to find my daughter trying to cut her wrist with a plastic spoon. When I asked her why, she said her friend Lucy did that so her parents would buy her pretty things. My daughter and Lucy are both four years old. FML
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I had no idea kids this young self-harm! It's very disturbing. OP please get your daughter some help quickly. Good luck!

Society is ****** up. Kids should never have to think like that. Don't let your daughter play with that girl anymore and make sure her parents are told to get their shit together.


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what an absolutely idiotic comment to make.

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I couldn't agree more. Why in the hell would that be the first thing to come into your mind after reading this?

Self harm is becoming much more of a serious problem than people realize. The Internet has essentially glamorized it, which makes it seen "trendy" in a way, causing younger and younger children to get involved in it. It's so sad.

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Thank god there aren't any Black Veil Bride fans on this app, because they'd be on our asses like white on rice.

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since when were bvb fans self harmers? im seriously asking because i have never heard of that before.

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Self-harm is a very serious thing, especially since this girl is so young, and you are seriously make a comment like this? Go die in a hole.

I had no idea kids this young self-harm! It's very disturbing. OP please get your daughter some help quickly. Good luck!

It isn't "self harm" when they say they're doing it to manipulate someone. If she's 4 have a nice talk with her about being a liar.

if she is trying to cut her own wrist, regardless of the reason, it counts as self harm. both of these kids need to be talked to. let them see the effects of their actions, and do NOT agree to buy nice things to get them to stop. that is only teaching them that its ok to do that. just like if a child threw a temper tantrum in a store after their guardian said no to them, should they just give in and give the kid candy so people stop staring? no. that child receives no treats and you explain why what they did was unacceptable.

If someone came up to you and said give me your wallet or ill cut myself, you'd do what exactly? Id hand em something sharp and say cut away. Of course Its different with a child but in concept thats all this is. Manipulation is a learned skill, nip it in the bud if you can.

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I agree. Get your daughter help now and maybe it's time to have a serious talk with her friend's parents about the situation.

this is one of the saddest things I've ever read. children as young as two years old are being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and other serious psychological "diseases". it's never too soon to get her help and please have a serious talk with her as well as with the friend's parents

I honestly don't think that ops daughter understands the serious consequences of cutting herself. she doesn't say oh let me try to kill myself and because my parents don't want me to die they'll buy me things. I think its more along the lines of ooo if I cut myself ill get nice things. op explain to your daughter that cutting ones self can lead to serious and permanet damage, that you will not be buying her nice things if she continues and that she is only hurting herself. let her know you love her and maybe you should start practicing positive reinforcement. reward her when she's good that way she learns the difference

Same the trouble down the road and throw her in some treatment now!

Its still self harm, they're just not influenced by depression.

This is the most shocking, horrible FML I've ever read in my entire life. I found out about the concept of self-harm in 5th grade. It breaks my heart to know that there are girls that young already doing this. :(

I don't think she was genuinely trying to self harm in a way that meant she needed help, I imagine she didn't really understand what she was doing or what the consequences might be (she probably didn't even realise it would hurt). Help is not the answer so much as sitting down with her parents and a simple explanation of why that isn't a good thing to do, especially just to get pretty things.

This is the same as a kid saying "I'll run away from home if you don't buy me a Barbie." Kids are intelligent they will always try to find ways to get what they want. As I said in my previous comments, one of which was buried due to bleeding heart idiots, manipulation is all this is. She found out someone else could get away with this and get rewarded for it so she decided to try it. Be a grown up and put a stop to her BS before she grows up thinking she can blackmail people by doing this and ends up alone.

Society is ****** up. Kids should never have to think like that. Don't let your daughter play with that girl anymore and make sure her parents are told to get their shit together.

I have a feeling that taking her away from the girl would cause more trouble! AKA Whining

A whining kid is better than one who wants to hurt herself.

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At 4 years old, this is correctable behavior. Don't let something like this drag on.

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i find this very disturbing, having a 4 year old son i would be shocked to find him acting that way. definitely let your daughter know that it is wrong to do this! kids are growing up too fast nowadays, and being subjected to acts way beyond their years. poor girls.

I Agree. I have a four year old brother and I, myself, have self harmed for 5 years and I'd probably ball my eyes out if I found him doing this. This is so sad because as another poster said, society has glamorized it to an extent. Like other said, OP, please talk to your daughter (possibly get her help) and talk to the girl's parents (possibly cutting ties).

@33 I'd hope you are getting yourself help too not just suggesting others do. It makes me incredibly sad that people need to self harm.

I just relapsed a while ago but yes I'm getting a bit of help. Thanks.

You need to have a long talk with your daughter explaining that she will not recieve pretty things for this. Self harm is never ok and a serious issue.

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She definitely needs a lecture about what an awful thing self harm is. I can't believe kids so young know about these things but thankfully it was only a plastic spoon. so make sure there isn't a next time

The ideation of cutting at 4 years of age should be taken seriously. It's a little troubling that she even knows what it is at this age. P.s. I'm getting my doctorate degree in clinical psychology, so yes, I do know what I'm talking about...for the most part...for all you trolls out there.

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But she doesn't know what it is. All she knows is that when Lucy did it she got pretty things. OP's daughter is just mimicking Lucy's behavior in order to achieve the same results. Most small children learn by mimicking others (It's perfectly normal). OP's daughter just chose an inappropriate behavior to mimic.

NSN82 13

OP just needs to let her know that such behavior is bad and will not be rewarded.

True, agreed. But saying that it's "inappropriate" is putting it loosely.

Time for a talk... And might wanna keep the knives a bit more secure.

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Tru Dat. But who would think to keep plastic spoons secured?

It's time for a serious talk with your daughter and maybe a phone call to Lucy's parents, that is a serious situation. But at least you found out before things got bad!

Even two year olds have been known to engage in self harm. I would suggest finding a good doctor immediately though. And probably telling Lucy's parents they can't play until you do. Leaving this untreated will only end badly.

UnluckyGenius 21

And that is the day OP put an end to her daughters friendship with Lucy.