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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Maybe she was wrong but her heart was in the right place. Besides, she's saving the rest of us from having to see you in a shirt so small that even a child can see it doesn't fit.


why for being honest? kids don't really have a filter so they can't help saying or doing things like that. I think it is super cute actully. btw to All the people who have and will comment saying ydi for being fat.... go fuck yourself!


While kids should be taught not to destroy other peoples things, you deserve it if you are one of those people who wears ultra tight shirts even though you have a gut. Eww.
The people who say "omg don't punish her shes so cute lolz" are the kind that raise kids that have massive temper tantrums in the middle of Walmart because there are no more strawberry toaster streudels.

  TrekkieGirl  |  0 least she was being thoughtful!

Maybe it's time to buy some shirts that actually fit, OP. Clearly if a six year old thinks your shirts are too small, then there's a reason.

  nedflow  |  0

#32 SO not true, my mother NEVER punished me and Im an awesome person, Im bright, beautiful And SO modest! lol. sorry. but seriously, my mom didn't punish me when I was little, we just talked about things and I'd get the point. but you sound like the kind of person who had terrible parents and thinks it was normal for them to be like that. don't punish the kid, just tell her about white lies so she. doesn't get hurt later on in life. :)

  SigmaSky  |  5

Not saying the daughter should be punished for this, because it's really rather harmless, but I too hate how people don't punish their kids anymore because it's "abuse". Man, whenever I did something wrong as a kid my mom didn't spank me with her hand, she used a belt. If more people did that, kids wouldn't act the way they do now.

  Link5794  |  18

If more people did that, there would be a lot more broken bones due to carelessness in belt-swinging. Also, humans would evolve larger, stronger hands to catch moving objects.


I doubt a kid would try to cut her shirts to "make room" if her stomach was flat. The kid probably wouldn't even notice her stomach if it was flat and not protruding through a tight shirt. However, tight shirts and guts + lovehandles are very noticable.

  smashleighfig  |  0

Lmao im sorry, i know thats gotta be terrible, but you have to admit thats funny shit right there. Especialy because she did it so innocently trying to help. FYL, but at least youve got a compassionate kid. Try being a better role model though.