By DeniedAgain - 29/06/2009 04:04 - United States

Today, I walked into a gas station and saw some $.25 gum. It looked good and I thought I'd had a quarter in my pocket. I find no change in my pocket once I get to the register, so I pull out my credit card. The cashier laughs a few seconds later. My card was declined for a piece of gum. FML
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Most places won't even let you use your card for something that cheap, they have to pay a fee every time someone charges. They'd lose money.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! oh tht happens if u use a debit card!! It's a sign, don't do a lot of shopping!!!


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Did you ever get the gum?

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it's probably because the total was so small and not because you don't have enough money to pay for it. don't most places have a minimum three dollar total to use a credit card?

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Good thing he didn't charge it and then you find out later that you actually paid $33.25...I think this is the opposite of a FML...

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i work in a grocery store and i hate it when people use cards for like a piece of candy that costs a dollar or for something thats like less than five dollars. its rude and annoying. YDI.

You had no money on you at all so you HAD to use a credit card. Fail. You should at least keep $20 on you at all times...

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Dont even worry about it its a recession its happening to everyone...well not everyone but some ppl!! Smile Jesus loves you =)

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Poor decision to use a card for $0.25. I can see why your finances are a mess.

i work at a local store that has hundreds of people a day, and i just find it to be absolutely stupid, and i hate it, when someone doesnt even carry a dollar on them. Credit cards are being used for everything now. half the time people dont even look at the price, then i ring it up, and theyre like "wow that much, ok heres my card". I ALWAYS carry at least $80 on me, and im only 15.

$80 seems unnecessary for a 15 yr old

I find this veary cute:)

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don't you have to buy something for more than five dollars to use a credit card?