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Today, Burger King gave me a moldy bun. I noticed 1/5 of the way through the sandwich. My compensation for ingesting mold? A coupon for half-off a Whopper. FML
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Mold isn't that bad. Though you can probably file a complaint about them somewhere.


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I'm with #4. BK totally sucks. What's the economics of this: You ate what? $.15 worth of a sandwich. They gave you a coupon worth what? $.75? That leaves you $.60 ahead. Bread mold is what penicillin was derived from so you certainly weren't hurt by ingesting a bit of it. Next time look at your food before you shove it in your mouth?

i looked at the comments JUST to see someone say "ydi for eating at bk" lol

should've stuck your finger down your throat and thrown up all over the cash register

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4 and 7 You Suck! BK is the shit but they have been falling of on thier fries around ma way...

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You actually ate discounted fast food... You really are stupid...

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i think ive seen this fml before...

I don't know what burger king you guys eat but here it's ******* amazing. and roughly the same price as mcdonalds as well

They only have one anus? Is that supposed to cut down on bathroom breaks? I knew those McManagers were slave drivers, but sheesh.

don't sweat it. you didn't die. and WTF did you expect a car? damn be lucky they gave you anything

Op bread mold is pennicilin right? that shit would kill me! ydi for not looking at your food fatass. op ask to talk to the manager or go higher up if necessary

Because I always take the time to inspect my food from every angle from an establishment that is held to standards of cleanliness and freshness.

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that's why I never eat at fast food places.

take you car and slam it into the BK building. then get out all casual and say I wasn't my burger with out moldy a moldy bun. trust me , it works everytime

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You aren't supposed to examine your fast food to closely. Nor are you supposed to sodomize people with it.

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Btw, penicillin is citrus mold.

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You shouldn't have to check your food for mold before eating it, that's just wrong. But the op should have gotten a lot more for that. Sorry :/

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Well, you did get some free penicillin, and you only deserved to get 1/5 off your next Whopper. Sounds like you came out ahead on the deal.

Nah, OP should have gotten 4/5 (unless she still ate the rest of the moldy one!).

Mold isn't that bad. Though you can probably file a complaint about them somewhere.

Like #3 said, free penicillin. So I'm going to go with YDI for eating at BK.. everone knows their burgers suck!

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You should really learn to look at what your about to eat before you actually eat it.

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You ate at BK.... You didn't even notice right away.... And you took the coupon the gave you so you can go back there?! YDI

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You went to a Burger King. it's not like they have anything you can trade up for.

Bk is alright but why didn't you look before you ate? ydi