By MIB thingy please... - 05/02/2015 01:21 - United States - Oregon City

Today, my date dropped me off at home and briefly met my parents. As he was leaving he whispered into my ear, "I want to feel the inside of your vagina with the outside of my penis." My parents totally heard. FML
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JMichael 25

And that's when your dad when into serial killer mode.

As opposed to the inside of his penis???


JMichael 25

And that's when your dad when into serial killer mode.

bingo__O 15

He's got a very particular set of skills...

incoherentrmblr 21

And when he find you, he will kill you...

As opposed to the inside of his penis???

I mean, I've heard the outside the ****** feels pretty good on the inside of the penis.

How is that possible?

JayDay_123 18

You don't wanna know.

brendejafulable 41

Such a romantic.

A romantic what? (don't downvote me)

49, You were down voted for telling me not to. Don't tell me how to run my life.

"Don't downvote me." As if that would actually work.

@62, Damn straight. Fight the power!! (And downvotewhentoldnottowith6.99$processing&handling)

SadisticStephyy 21

That's disturbing ._.

And telling me this would be the last way to get into my ******.

It's the last way? Implying that it could still work?

41, I was thinking the same thing.? If that were true I'd use that line as my last resort...not. What an idiot.

Technically, what ever way works is the last way. Why would you try other ways after you have succeeded. Its like saying you found something in the last place you looked.


That boy needs a lesson in how to talk dirty.

And safe sex.

#8 and a lesson WHEN to talk dirty.

#23 I guess it was too hard for him to say in a romantic manner 'I want to feel the of the outside of my penis touch a condom as it touches the inside of your ******'.

There's a time and place for everything. The real question here is are you actually dating because if he's not your boyfriend and this was just a date then that's much too soon to start creepily whispering sexual comments within earshot of the parents.

#9 I think any time is too soon to start making sexual comments within ear shot of parents

It can be exciting under the right circumstances such as if they're nearby but if you whisper low enough they won't hear it adds that thrill of possibly getting caught. Not everyone enjoys that little spike of fear though so you really have to know the other person well. What he said though would never be considered "sexy" under any circumstance

I can understand the thrill of getting caught being arousing with some situations, such as playing in public, etc. But involving your parents in your sex life is pretty ****** up.

Who said anything about "involving"them in their sex life. I just mentioned that they might be in the same room while sexual comments were whispered not that they'd hear and be a part of the conversation

You're involving them by getting aroused by their presence. They do not actually have to be physically involved and yet they are still part of your foreplay.

Very smooth.

hahaha sounds like you got a real winner there