By Jayanka - 03/05/2018 05:00

Today, my 17-year-old daughter has been sending and receiving videos and pictures of a sexual nature. I just had to wade through a ton of middle-aged dick pics as evidence for the police. FML
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All those guys could get convicted for child pornography! Then, they’d have to wade through a sea of middle-aged dicks.

Christina Winden 21

Have you heard about these new fangled devices call cell phones and the internet?


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Christina Winden 21

Have you heard about these new fangled devices call cell phones and the internet?

All those guys could get convicted for child pornography! Then, they’d have to wade through a sea of middle-aged dicks.

she would also get charged with distributing child pornography so it's not looking great for the daughter either

She COULD get charged but it is unlikely that she will be.

True, but she’s a minor, so I’d expect less severe punishment for her.

But if she thought she was sending to another 17 year old it isn’t considered distributing child ****. Plus in many states 17 is a consenting adult.

Then, by your logic, if she told the men she was 18 or over, they’d be off the hook, too. Also, age of consent laws are state laws and distributing kiddie **** is a federal crime and that standard is 18.

CrazyTrainWreck 19

Why don’t you take a seat over there?

Lobby_Bee 17

Tough times, had to make money somehow.

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well the men doing this could be doing it to other girls and involved in trafficking etc. so by getting the police involved they are protecting other young girls

Wow that's a crazy ass assumption. Never heard of just sending nudes like ****?

boopingsnoot 24

Yes, punish the inexperienced child, not the sexual predators. Great idea.

victim? Sounds more like a thot. It's crazy how some people actually like dick pics, but obviously she does.

She was sending stuff back, to multiple guys, so she's definitely not "inexperienced". And she isn't a victim either. She's 17, not 9 or 10. She's almost an adult, and knew exactly what she was doing.

julfunky 29

How does that change anything? Inexperienced or not, she is legally a minor and they are legally adults. THEY broke the law. A middle-aged man should know better than a teenager.

"How does that change anything?". Really? A 17 year old with an even slightly functioning brain should know that sending nudes to men old enough to be their father is probably a bad idea. Yeah, those men broke the law...and so did she. It's almost as if you think nobody should ever be held responsible for anything they do before the age of 18, simply because they're not an adult yet. Which brings back the point someone else mentioned about her possibly lying about her age. If that was the case, then she deserves whatever punishment (legal or otherwise) that comes to her. Minors lie about their age when it comes to shit like that (having sex, sending nudes, whatever it may be) because they know it's illegal. Nothing can convince me that she is any better than the men she was talking to. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if OP posts a follow-up.

Vesi 29

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notlisapizza 3

Or you could teach your child about boundaries and appropriate behavior online rather than effectively cutting them off from their peers outside of school hours.

With that much restriction, I'm more than likely that she's already doing worse things. you need to trust your child for them to even think about trusting you.

midnightangel981 8

Speaking as an 18-year-old myself, even at 17 years old, maybe she should get a cell phone. If nothing else, how would she contact her parents in an emegency?

Suaria 38

Speaking as someone who has passed their teenage years but had overly protective parents, she's probably finding ways of going behind your back. You could teach her what is appropriate and what isn't instead of not trusting her.

This is going to backfire horribly for you. I’m well out of the house now. But, from experience, my mother wouldn’t even let me hang out with a boy until I was 16. Not even outside in her clear vision just playing basketball. I wasn’t allowed to leave the house or see friends unless she had met their parents or I was scrutinized terribly. I went behind her back every chance and ****** up quite a few parts of my life and mental health because of it when I could have had nice, normal interactions.

Vesi 29

Wow.. you people REALLY jumped the gun. I said her COMPUTER, not extracurricular activities. She gets to do things she enjoys at school as long as it doesn't mess up her emotional or mental state. It might help if I told you jumpers she has mild asburgers so isn't always situationaly aware. As for the one that suggested contacting us in an emergency.. I shall refer you to this.. Enjoy the laughs and lesson on parenting. =)

Vesi 29

And this thing does not allow edits.. I can't find the exact clip for just this part, but if you take a little bit and watch "Jim Breuer Let's Clear The Air" as he speaks on EXACTLY that situation with his 13 year old daughter and not getting her a cell phone, either. Have fun!

Vesi 29

I might also note, this means her computer time (and a lot of it) is very lightly supervised. She has plenty of contact with friends outside school hours.

Vesi 29

I'm responding to you specifically for a reason: My father was insanely tight about my activities, my mother was extremely loose once we escaped my father. We chose to middle road with our kids. Yes, computer time up until 18 is supervised closely to loosely based on age. She PREFERS to hang out in mom's room and work on her art programs there. Mom is usually in or out of the room but my daughter actually has little interest in anyone more than friends. We don't hang over her shoulder or look through her messages and she DOES let us know if someone tries to contact her that she does not ALREADY know. But a computer in a child's bedroom is unnecessary and emergencies aren't an issue as she's pretty much a homebody on her own. She would certainly be allowed to go on dates if she wanted to. She's already been taught her pregnancy prevention (I did that) and she knows she can come to us with questions any time she needs, or refresher course if she wants. She isn't being bubbled, she knows quite a lot about the world, today. As for loose parenting, I got knocked up at 16. I had no sex education at all. She does. So thank you all for your kind responses.

I think your response is well put. I think the first comment on saying she couldn't have a phone until she was 18 was what people were reacting to but with the additional information you've given, it sounds less restricting than was implied. I think your later responses are really interesting and well put and it helps to clarify things so thank you.

I have mild asburger from reading your comments, too.

Zekfen 17

I think a big question is, did they know she was only 17? There are places on the internet like Reddit where maybe she claimed to be 18+ and was posting her pictures online requesting the dick pics back, and they replied. Knowledge of her age is the difference between them being predators or not.

Requesting dick pics. Hahahahahahahaha

Well the age of consent is 17 so 🤷🏻‍♂️

Koios 30

Age of consent is different depending on state/country.

Zekfen 17

Age of consent covers physical sex. Not pictures and videos. That is at 18 across the board.

ezrajab 22

I see dr. Drew in your near future! Good luck op