By Fractured - United States
Today, I fractured a bone in my knee. Now not only do I have to wear a huge knee brace for the next two months, I'll have to sit around in a hotel room all of next week while my family has fun skiing in the mountains. FML
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  Senseless_487  |  29

Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure the last thing you wanna do with a broken knee is walk on it. I bruised a bone in my knee, and was forced to stay off of it for two weeks.

But maybe sit at the window and enjoy the snowy nature? While scarfing on some room service food!

  DooleyFTW  |  17

You're life sucks op but on the bright side at least your family can afford a skiing vacation and medical care :) always a silver lining! Enjoy your vacation

  Narttu  |  20

I agree with 15 about enjoying the snowy outdoors. If you can't walk and ski then there must be SOMETHING else you can do.

I don't live anywhere near snow and have only seen it once, but I loved every minute of being there, even though I couldn't ski to save my life. But that's just me.. I dream of living somewhere that it snows and being able to go for walks all bundled up then relax by a fire with a hot drink and a good book. :)

  buck33  |  14

95 - there is plenty if snow in the rocky mountains, where I live. Here, you can ski til July, because even though it's 90 degrees in the valley, it's still cold up there.

  MCweSCRAPPY  |  2

Screw that. Go hard everyday. Snowboarding with a torn LCL and strained MCL like a bau5. Just take enough Lortab as to where you can't feel it. I love riding too much


With his broken knee? The most OP can do is watch TV, eat, sleep, read a book, and do the most horrible boring things you can think of while on vacation. Of course, unless you want to throw a Broken Knee party for all the other hotel people with the same issue, then that's okay, too. C: