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  JJambiya21  |  0

Well maybe if you had kids 5 or 6 years before you were married, than maybe the condom wasn't hers. Or if she dosnt own a vibrator she may have used some object and put a condom over it? Either way don't jump to conclusions of her cheating.

  syki  |  22

68 - Jesus... *Five or six years?* Everybody's all caught up on the condom thing, but what about the suggestion that OP suspect his twelve- and thirteen-year-old children? I mean, I know some kids start early, but god, not *all* of them.

  tomakobriefs  |  11

Just a thought, but if OP was only married for 7 years, it's possible that any kids they have are younger than 7. I know there aren't enough characters to mention potential previous relationships/offspring, but still...

  Conner93MB  |  5

Their kids having sex in their bed? Why would the wife be stupid enough to leave a condom in the trash. And why would she need a condom if they are using other forms of birth control?


But that's the problem. We don't know if he has children or not. He didn't mention having any children that would be the typical new teen and fornicate with someone. Too many variables with this FML. but nonetheless, be careful about this. It could ruin an innocent marriage.

  Almandine  |  7

They've been married 7 years. Unless they had kids before they got married, it's unlikely that they are having sex. It is possible that they have kids from another marriage or dating thoug.

  xStaciexLynnx  |  15

48- Their kids would only be 7 (unless they had kids long before they got married) and people use condoms to try to help protect against STDs and to add extra birth control. The pill and other forms of female birth control are not 100% effective.

  TheMathMajor  |  26

197, that's the point. They don't use condoms because they've been married and know they don't have STD's but if the wife is sleeping around it would make sense that she would use a condom to prevent getting an STD from someone else.

  Kelsarella  |  1

Kids these days are having sex young, you never know... Last year we had pregnant 12 year olds in the community... And 10 year olds are having sex, 7 isn't too far from that. Kids are just growing up too fast for their own good.

  amourmourant  |  18

I've read before that sometimes people who cheat will leave obvious hints to their partner so they'll find out and they won't have to actually fess up about it.

  Unenunciable  |  14

I agree, not only could it be their kids, it could be anyone who visited the house, friends, family members, or even someone breaking into your house to have sex there (cause apparently that's fun to some people).

By  peterlikes  |  3

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