By Firequeen - 21/11/2016 21:44

Today I visited my boyfriend's house for Thanksgiving. The fast food from the drive made me really need to poop, so I did my business and flipped on the air vent. Turns out the vent sparked a hot spot in the attic and caused a fire. I literally set my boyfriend's house on fire with my shit. FML
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This could have happened to anyone who used the bathroom vent. It isn't your fault their house has faulty wiring.

Wizardo 33

All the pimps in the crib drop it like its hot.


That's one hot way to make a first impression.

it's actually a shitty way to make first impressions

Wizardo 33

All the pimps in the crib drop it like its hot.

Literally? You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

LittleRed79 39


How did she use it wrong?

Literally means exactly or truly. If OP literally set her boyfriend's house on fire with her shit, the shit would be the accelerant and the direct cause of the fire. But it wasn't, it was the fan, and most likely faulty wiring, that was the true(literal) cause of the fire. So OP literally set her boyfriend's house on fire by opening the air vent.

species4872 19

#15 Who cares, The shit hit the fan regardless. OK

hahahahahaha #16 :)

Some people didn't understand why the use of literally was wrong, I merely explained to clear up confusion. In any case, if you speak English, then you should care, because using literally when you really mean figuratively (the opposite of literally) just looks stupid. It's like using the word "happy" when you really mean "sad," it makes no sense.

RpiesSPIES 27

Sorry to tell ya, #4 and others, but the definition of Literally was expanded years ago to mean both Literally AND Figuratively. The ones whom 'Can't even' succeeded in ruining words.

Sadly, #21 is right. I believe that at least three major dictionaries have added secondary definitions of "literally" that completely contradict its original definition, which seems absolutely nonsensical to me. It's hard to believe that instead of trying to educate people on how to properly speak their language, we just mangled the meaning of a word to facilitate ignorance and laziness.

'Literally' as used for emphasis has literally been around for well over a century. That's how words happen.

A lot of different usages of different words have been around for a long time. That's kind of a moot point though, because ignorance and idiocy have also been around for... well, a long time. Ignorance is a rather good explanation for someone using a word incorrectly. Doing something wrong for long enough doesn't seem like a logical method to make it right, especially in this case; there are so many words and literary techniques already available for expressing yourself figuratively. Changing the definition of the word "literally" to include "figuratively" serves as much purpose (and makes as much sense) as adding the definition "sad" to the word "happy". Okay, rant over. English sure can get me riled up, I suppose.

It'll be a nice ice breaker for the next gathering. "Aye remember that one time I set your house on fire with my shit? Good times." Don't worry op it was just a freak accident!

This could have happened to anyone who used the bathroom vent. It isn't your fault their house has faulty wiring.

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OP was really just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Don't blame yourself OP!

Brace yourselves, "shitty situation" puns are coming..

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Silent but deadly...

khadishja 12

well... shit happens

This is like that ding-dong ditch prank where you light a bag of shit on fire, just up to eleven.