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Today, despite my pain, my mom still refuses to take me to a foot doctor because, "They all have foot fetishes." FML
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If you had a foot fetish the last place you'd want to work is with moldy, fungus filled feet..


That's putting it politely. Besides... god forbid someone should enjoy their job haha.

I dont wanna b*tch, but all you have to do is go to a walk in clinic.. Without her. FML is full of whiney hoes

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Well.. They probably all do XD but that's still not a good excuse. Then again, they would see some pretty damn ugly feet, and that would probably make them despise feet after a while.. Maybe it's not a good place for people with a foot fetish *shudder*

KiddNYC1O 20

Your mom's/mom is an idiot, op.* Had to.

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Lol why would someone who gets turned on by them would want to have a job that looks at the sick and infected feet only? I'd rather be a surgeon XD

If you had a foot fetish the last place you'd want to work is with moldy, fungus filled feet..

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Your profile pic is creeping me out.

Admit it... I'm sexy Hahaha oh god, I'm gonna go thumb myself down :)

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If you have a IPad there is a app called photo booth

I agree. That pic is freaky lol. We are soo off topic, but o well

And all female gynecologists are lesbians...

Dealing with torn, old, smelly, saggy and plain nasty vaginas would defiantly turn a lesbian gynecologist straight and heterosexual male gay... The hit rate is of a young hot girl is to low to have that as a job for creepy pervertedness

It was a joke, Silly. I was applying OP's mom's logic to another medical field to demonstrate how utterly ridiculous it is.

No I know, I wasn't arguing.. It's hard to reply to a post without using a joke and making it seem like its not an argument. Sorry it came out wrong. Just saying though.. Not a fun job in my opinion.

No, I see your point. I'm a heterosexual female, but I wouldn't want a job examining penises all day. While I find it very useful, I think even a healthy and normal penis is the ugliest thing on a man.

I agree, not many people seek an occupation in 'penis inspections'... Don't believe I've ever heard anyone utter the words "when I grow up I want to inspect and an fix unhealthy genitalia".

Inspecting unhealthy genitalia is a branch of sexual health, a sub specialisation of infectious diseases. Gynaecologists deal with all problems of the female system in the abdomen as well. Incidentally this does have a lot of looking into old vaginas on a daily basis. Google "cervical prolapse" and there's gynae bread and butter.

I have a general idea of what that is and I'm to scared to google image it...

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@48 - I have no idea what this is, but you can generally tell when there's something that you just shouldn't google. Like blue waffle. I saw the picture, I totally didn't google blue waffle.

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Pediatricians are pedophiles, anesthesiologists like to get you all drugged up first, and dentists...

sarahlove281 4

Your mother's power of deductive reasoning astounds me. People with foot fetishes love feet. Foot doctors surround themselves with feet all day. Ergo, foot doctors have foot fetishes. Makes perfect sense.

flockz 19

wait if that's the case.... then the prostate exam i just took..... NOOOOOO

BunchieRules 31

Curses! Again, I've been beaten by one minute. I'll try again another time.

Your comment reminded me of the episode of Family Guy when Peter has a colon exam.

Go with your dad/aunt/older brother-sister/grandmother

I mean, you are in pain, you have no time to wait until she go back to be saine

Well if I was a doctor I would have a foot fetish.

I don't always go for a job as a foot doctor, but when I do, it's always because I have a foot fetish. Sorry, I'll just stop.

Epikouros 31

And if you were an accountant, you'd have a foot fetish, too, right?

BunchieRules 31

With her logic, I don't think I'll be getting a prostate exam any time soon...

So.. Pediatricians are pedophiles? Veterinarians love furry and tentacle? Dentists love oral? Seems legit..

perdix 29

#33, yeah, right, what's up with that? How does one become an Asshole Doctor? I'm sure if you have trouble in the bunghole, you've got no better friend than the local proctologist, butt how did he or she end up there?

Epikouros 31

And dieticians have a food fetish, of course.

I'm a chiropractic assistant. You get to put your hands on a wide variety of MILF's and ...bigger women. We enjoy popping their shit ;)

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Epikouros: Your saying I should be a dietician? I love food! :D

She's willing to put her child's health and well being in jeopardy because of the tiny possibility one doctor might be aroused? Seems legit.

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Seems like a job for Child Protective Services Man and his faithful sidekick The Deadbeat Beater.