By damselfly - Canada - Montreal
Today, my roommate and I realised our freezer hasn't been working for days. This would be slightly less awful if she hadn't been storing dead rats for her pet snakes in there. Let's just say the smell is interesting. FML
damselfly tells us more :
OP here--had to get an FML account to comment. To my roommate's credit, she had the mess all cleaned up by the time I got home--only the smell was left. I can't blame her for having snakes, either, since I moved into the apartment knowing she had them, and being ok with it. Can't say I'm too thrilled with her storing the rats in the freezer, but they do have to eat, and I least I was able to put my foot down on her thawing them in the oven (seriously, WTF?). A couple of people asked why she was feeding her snakes dead rats. Apparently, it's pretty controversial among snake owners, but most people feel it's inhumane to feed live. You'd be surprised, but feeding live is actually very dangerous to the snake--since the feeder rats can't run away (being in a tank with a snake), they fight instead. My roommate has a rescued snake whose last owners fed it live--the poor thing is covered with scars. Snakes can die that way. @18--Sadly, I know exactly what rotted snake smells like...*sigh* Roommate got ahold of a dead Burmese python (it was not a pet), and wanted to preserve the skeleton for educational purposes, but didn't get the right beetles ahead of time. I said there was absolutely no way it was coming in the house, but she did, once (to try a different method of getting the flesh off the bones). It was...unbelievable. Had no idea something could smell that bad. That was actually just 2 weeks ago, and the smell only just got out when the rat incident happened. I'm too tolerant, methinks. She's what you might call eccentric. @12--Thanks for the advice about the vaccuum sealer :) She said she'd thought of it, but can't afford it right now.
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  Mirequetz  |  6

Actually, people use frozen animals all the time to feed snakes. You heat them up when its ready to feed them. What the hell kind of person puts an animal through being eaten alive?

  kongor  |  1

Snakes dont eat dead animals. They arent scavengers. They eill only eat food they have killed themselves. Also they see infra red so woildnt eat frozen food... This fml is suspect

  Isoldael  |  27

As a fellow snake keeper, I also have a freezer with mice in them and unfortunately the same thing happened to me once. To be honest, the smell of the other meats was WAY worse than that of the mice, they smelled kind of... Earthy. What I hated more was all the wasted lives of the mice (some might call me a hypocrite for that, but I think feeding a pet is still a useful goal, while throwing them away isn't).

  MadRoo  |  6

I'm glad you wrote that, #45. Rats are my absolute favorites in the animal kingdom, and I've been keeping them for a few years now. So naturally, it hurts to know that they're one of the most "exploitable" animals on the planet, along with mice. But it always comforts me to see that some snake owners see these animals as living beings, not solely as food. It shows respect towards all living creatures and an understanding of the food chain, however cruel it may be.

  dedanjel  |  33

You actually can. If you handle your pet reptiles enough, they not only become accustomed to it, but some even seek it out. I had a bearded dragon that would run up my arm when I reached in his enclosure because he wanted attention. Also had a red-tailed Columbian boa that loved to be draped across my shoulders and even kissed on the top of his head. They're not fish or amphibians, where your skin oils damage them. You not only can, but are encouraged to handle pet reptiles, so long as you follow proper hand hygiene.