By Noname - 30/10/2008 05:55 - France

Today, I've just lost over £12,000 and it's not even halfway through the trading day. FML
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Stop browsing FML during the work/trading day and you might start doing better!


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ahahhahaha #3... I did too. 12 thousand? Holy ****!

congratulations on the weight loss lol jk I know what u mean fyl

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Au contraire my friend, she was being funny. She was not serious. Surely you should know that. Who is stupid now?

Stop browsing FML during the work/trading day and you might start doing better!

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lol to all americans, im pretty sure pounds is currency... fyi, not weight

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hey she said training so we yanks assume its weight.

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oops miss read ti i need to stop read better......go ahead make fun of me i said something stupid

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hey im an american but i got the Pounds because it was capitalized!! just beacause some of us are a dumbass doesnt mean all of us are!! :P

Hahaya yeh i saw thAt and i was like woah thats alott :)

he assumed only americans would write it because only Americans use pounds as a weight measurement

I'm American-Italian and I agree with the fact that MOSTLY Americans posted the weight jokes. I've lived here since I was 10, and as far as I can tell, we Americans are not always super culturally intelligent :)

I lol at Americans all the time. This is the only reason they were put on the earth

Just because some of us are 'dumbasses'. Not 'a dumbass'. Make it plural. Nice. Your point is proven.

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#134- Makes me feel comfortable to know that their are ignorant assholes like yourself around the globe and not just here.

Pound = currency pound = measure of weight I read it first as "training" day instead of traiding day

No, Lb=Weight £=Currency The stupidity on this sight blows my mind

Anyone who didn't understand that the pound is Britain's currency is a douche. Coming from an American hailing from SoCal.

lol it took me a second to figure out it was money, not weight. i guess i'm a douche? :'(

wow.....i thought you meant weight at first.....

In our defense, it's only natural to assume that pounds is weight (aside from the uppercase P) since that's how we use it; I'm sure at least most of the weight comments were simply jokes after they realized it was currency and that it's silly to lose 12,000 pounds unless you're an aircraft.

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OP: Today I wrote an fml about how I lost 12,000 Pounds in British currency. They all thought I was extremely obese and meant my weight. FML.

to OP: here's an FML for you! today, I had an fml user tell me that I should get my mole checked. FML.