By kenyaliving - 13/02/2013 22:04 - Kenya

Today, I've been living in Kenya in a nasty apartment for so long that when I looked down into my drink and saw a dead fly, I just picked it out and continued drinking. FML
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And not a shit was given that day

At least you haven't gotten to the point where you drink it fly and all.


Mmm fly juice... You should try bumble bee tea OP, it has a sweet taste.

There's nothing wrong with continuing this drink, the alcohol kills germs and you're being frugal

What if OP was drinking water...or juice...or milk? Milk would be the grossest in my opinion 'cos you would see whatever remained of the fly corpse rather clearly


Well. Thanks 46. Now that godawful song is going to be stuck in my head until I fall asleep. You're an evil, evil person.

Am just happy my country was mentioned on fml. I know it's sad but am happy

What does op means?

Orange pickle.

What does op mean? I am new to fml thanks

Open potty!

Obtuse Penises

Octopus pussy

Google it. Urban dictionary.

So how is it to live in Kenya?

If you have money beautiful if you don't it sucks big time ... I guess it's like any other place but with a lot of corruption

Sucks not to live in America...

In that context, I believe the word is " 'Murica".

Sucks for America to have arrogant twats like you to tarnish its reputation

And not a shit was given that day

Uhh... Might have been alot of shits that day...

One of which was most likely in that drink.

I always thought flies threw up when they landed, not pooped. *the more you know*

And not a single *fuck* was given that day

55- you can give a shit but you cannot give a fuck

0. 0 shits given today

69- Unless you're a prostitute, of course.

Are you the one who keeps emailing?

At least you haven't gotten to the point where you drink it fly and all.

Apparently flies are very nutritious, OP should try it sometime!

#20 I don't think flies are insects being the nutritious type. They're more like the disgusting poo eating insects that are annoying and buzz around your face when you're trying to sleep.

All the good protein wasted...

And not a single fuck was given that day.

At least he said the right phrase. I up voted this guy and down voted the other guy. Accuracy is key.

1215116a 14

Look at the post times.

You have reached a new level of existence. Bye bye consumerism.

That's alright, it's good for the immune system!

At least you're not held back by the anxiety people have over petty things like here in the US. If there was a fly in a drink here you could expect a law suit against nature :P Honestly, I commend you for your awesomeness. On the other hand, that's unsanitary!! Please call Poison Control immediately to remove your uvula!! Good for you, OP.

That's a whole bunch o crazy in one comment.

Lol at how you say they're lucky for not living in the US where you'd get sued for a fly in your drink, and then tell them to contact poison control. In fucking Kenya. You're obviously the biggest and most hypocritical asshole alive. Just saying.

94 - What makes you think there's no poison control in Kenya? It seems like you need to step out of your bubble, and at least google this stuff. There /is/ a Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

Seriously? #9 was being people are the crazy ones.

You go Glen Coco!

And none for Raulhijazi, bye.

Damn dude that sucks. Stay positive and I'd invest in a bug zapper..

What if his cup happened to be under the bug zapper? You'd have more than just one fly in your drink..