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Today, I was making lunch, when my two-year-old ran up to me and handed me an empty bottle of baby powder. I soon realized I'd be spending the rest of my day cleaning the entire house. FML
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OP here. First off, I am a father. Not a mother. lol. for everyone who wonders how this could happen, I should have put the baby powder back in his diaper caddy, but for some reason I didn't. I have no reason just forgot I guess. And sometime during me preparing his lunch he went to his room grabbed it off his changing table and powdered the house until it was empty and longer any use to him. He is quick! I wish I had eyes on the back of my head. Thanks for all the people who were understanding.

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sumbum95 15

Well now your house will smell like new baby fresh scent! :)

Be glad. When they're older they'll be spilling their cocaine around the house.


sumbum95 15

Well now your house will smell like new baby fresh scent! :)

Mm, who doesn't love the smell of fresh infant..? :P

It gives me a headache after a while... So I guess that qualifies me. Kids are awesome. Infant baby smell... Not so much

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I agree, they need baby perfume..

#1, the baby shouldn't have been left unattended. #2, stuff like that should be up out of his reach. Be thankful he didn't bring you a freshly empty bottle of drain cleaner or bleach. I hope this was a lesson learned

sumbum95 15

It gives me a headache if people have that scent in their car.

#86 - A two-year-old is a toddler, not a baby, and depending on what stage in their development, can very well be left unattended in an adjacent room while meals are being prepared. When I was two, I was left in the den (visible from the kitchen, though not directly) while Mom cooked. I was not only expected to sit still and look at a book/colour/watch TV (half an hour a day, usually while lunch was being prepared), but my newborn brother would be in his car seat in the same room, and I was expected to supervise him (aka tell Mom if he started being upset or smelled poopy - usually he slept). The OP didn't say where the baby powder was left. It could have potentially been knocked off a changing table somehow (ie: cat). It's not a poisonous substance, and a taste of it would be enough to turn even the most dedicated child from eating more than a little bit. You can't exactly consume powder easily, unless it's mixed with liquid. I found that out at sixteen, when I tried to eat a teaspoon of Ovaltine powder. You cough most of it back out in a second. It's best kept out of reach to avoid situations like the OP - it makes one hell of a mess. Bust out the shop vac, OP.

109: And you felt the need to comment why? At least contribute something to the conversation. No one forces you to read anything.

That sucks, much like my insipid comment -_-

Yup.. The fact that it's on FML gives us no hint about this.. I thought this was awesome til I saw this and then realized it's bad..

Be glad. When they're older they'll be spilling their cocaine around the house.

Be thankful it wasn't a poo explosion. Baby powder smells delightful, at least.

myeviltwin 20

Yeah but I am pretty sure they will clean up their own cocaine :P

ElementaryEdGuy 18

34 - That or they'll just scream at their cocaine until it cleans itself up.

Do I need to tell people that my last comment was a Chappelles show reference?

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I just watched that episode too. I got it right away.

#29- OMG I literally LOL'd! I'm Rick James bitch! LOL! I knew!


Well at least your day will go by fast. It's better then not having anything to do.

crazytwinsmom 25

You never run out of things to do with a 2 year old.

You gotta love their cuteness though! Even if they are a pain in the butt

It will be a pain in the kid's butt, getting diapered without baby powder.

Today looks like a good day to teach your two-year-old how to use the vacuum cleaner.

Awesomeelliot 11

To you it may be baby powder. To him its a snowstorm in a bottle!

Why is the powder anywhere your child could reach it?

Pretty much NOTHING is out of reach for a two year old.

fgwrxfiend 11

Not even ceiling fans..don't ask

But since she was making lunch, how could a two year old sneak out of the kitchen, grab the bottle and powder the whole house without her noticing? I know kids can be sneaky little ******* but the mother knew she would be distracted so why was there no one else to watch the kid? Or put him in a baby chair or lock the door, whatever is needed :P

you must have never had a two year old... lol

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56, do you have any kids? With all due respect, mothers DO have lives and we still need to go about our daily duties, whether we have someone to help watch the kid or not. We CANNOT be up their butt every 3 seconds, and mistakes do happen. No one is perfect and I would personally just be thankful as a mom that it was ONLY baby powder. As much as I would love to follow my daughter around all day, every second of the day, I can't. I have a gate that keeps her in the family room which is a safe area to play for when I am busy, but even then, she still finds her way into things at times. Not too long ago she painted the nursery with desitin. There are just too many variables in the average household to assume that someone can have a tight leash on a child every moment of the day. I used to think like you too, and then I actually had a child and realized how asinine it was to believe I ever knew anything about raising kids before I had my own. My best friend worked in baby daycare for years, and she still says that she admits she knew nothing before having one.

No, I don't have children of my own but I watched my siblings grow up and watched them quite often when they were younger (I was 11 when my youngest brother was born) and I have never experienced something like this. My mum made most rooms "babyproof" and installed those small fences so they wouldn't wander around when she was busy (or place them in a baby chair while she cooked for example). I remember she once plastered my bed with towels and gave me body lotion to play around with so I could try it out safely. She did this with other things we were curious about like pots or silverware. We could try it out in a safe environment while someone watched and like children are, we lost interest. Nothing ever broke in our house or got damaged in another way because someone wandered around and got into things.

Just to make it clear, I don't want to offend anyone who raises a little child. It's one hell of a job and I deeply respect anyone for it. It was just not common in our household that something like this happened so I couldn't help but wonder how the child got ahold of the baby powder.

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Don't your parents have any good stories about hilarious, slightly bad things you did as a kid!? One time, I dumped an entire container of fish food into a tank and it killed all of their fish. :/

I'll probably get thumbed down but I'm with you Migole. I don't have children but I've worked as a babysitter and nursery nurse and am a trainee teacher so I have experienced but I still don't get how these things happen. You are supposed to keep these things out of reach. I know kids do sometimes find a way anyway - I've had kids manage to grab pens and paints and stuff - but it's a rare occurrence and I've noticed as soon as they've grabbed it, because I'm still keeping watch on them. I've taken them off them before they manage to cover the room or themselves. Young children shouldn't be left alone long enough to spread powder through multiple rooms - what if it was a pair of scissors they'd gotten hold of? Also, I don't find a story about dead fish funny, I find it sad.

asnakelovinbabe 16

It happens. It was sad then, but at this point, we can look back on it and say "remember that time..." It isn't about the fish being dead. It's about a child's dumb innocence in finding no harm in dumping the whole container in. This a little OT but I used to manage in retail before I wised up and quit, and I always used to wonder how some people could be so serious and miserable all of the time. Sometimes, you need to lighten up a little and learn to laugh at past mistakes. But first, you have to learn to accept that mistakes will happen. Don't become one of those intolerant a*holes. Have your own, and then come back and tell us how perfect of a parent you are and how your kid never gets into anything, ever.

Even the best kids get into things. My brother, when he was barely three, was playing with an antique set of keys while my grandmother was minding us. He went into the bathroom... And managed to lock himself in. With the antique keys. The door has an antique knob with what we thought was a decorative lock - apparently not! And even passing the keys back and forth under the door, we couldn't get it unlocked! My grandmother had to call the golf course where my grandfather was playing, and get him to come and take the door off the hinges. Dad spent the evening disability the lock and putting caulking in the hole so it wouldn't happen again. I also got stuck in my bedroom at age four when the doorknob came off the door. Mom couldn't hear me yelling - she was downstairs with music on - but my window was open, and my neighbour across the street was just getting home. I hollered at her and she rang the doorbell to get Mom to let me out. :) Kids just get into things sometimes. Just like dogs. I think my house is dog proof, but my border collie has made it his mission in life to prove that it isn't. If a kid wants to get into mischief, he'll find a way to do it. At least it wasn't smearing poop on the walls.

105 - there's a difference between looking after a child and being their parent, and if you work with children its basically your job that you get paid to do, if the environment isn't safe then you shouldn't have children there, you have 20/30 children at once, if things weren't always organised, safe, things being put away constantly it would be utter chaos, when you're a parent at home you can baby proof as much as you want but one tiny thing left on the side, and one box they have pushed to the side to stand on, to get the suncream, And squirted all over the carpet, happens very easily. I have a 2 year old, And no matter why I put out of reach there is always something she gets, and shocker.....I leave her unattended, dun dun dunnn, we live in a 1 storey cottage I have a gate on the kitchen, so she can't get in, but sometimes! I would like to go to the toilet without being watched by a 2 year old. (btw, suncream is a bitch to get out of the carpet)

looks like u won't be pimp slapping anybody anytime soon.

And you won't be making any sense anytime soon, 13?

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90 - Have you never seen a comedy skit/movie/etc where the pimp pours baby powder all over his hand before he slaps "his bitch" across the face? There are several different places I've seen it, but that's the reference he was making, because they're out of baby powder now