By Anonymous - 15/04/2012 13:55 - Sweden - Falk?ping

Today, I accidentally cut myself while slicing some sponge cake. My husband's first reaction was to ask if the cake had gotten bloody or not. FML
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It was an honest question. Either a cake that has taken a while to make, ruined, or a little cut... You'll live OP, unless you have an artery in your finger.


Who can resist eating cake? I don't think anybody can

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1-Yea, because not being able to resist to eat the cake is the clear problem here.

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Well no one wants bloody cake!

Well I was hoping that your wife cutting herself would be more important.. Guess not.

When there's cake involved everything else is a liability.

34: Re-read the FML. The OP is the wife, not the husband.

42- Re-Read the FML dude, the wife was cutting the cake..

So the fact that OP was bleeding wasn't the issue, it was that blood might get on the cake.

42 & 90, 34 got it right, I think you just misunderstood it

Omfg thats something I WOULD DOOO! Or at least think* before immediately helping the person :D

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34 was essentially talking about the husband, not OP

It was an honest question. Either a cake that has taken a while to make, ruined, or a little cut... You'll live OP, unless you have an artery in your finger.

Exactly. What the hell did you want him to do? Kiss it?

how does asking if she's ok sound as a first reaction. maybe getting her a bandaid or something for the bleeding....

She got a cut in a finger, not cutting her arm off for god's sake. If I cut myself, MY first reaction is if I ruined whatever I was doing. People are too whiny..

He wanted some cake! You can't blame him you never know what the need for cake will do to someone!

Except, it doesn't even take an hour to make a sponge cake, besides, if the cut was serious enough to ruin an entire cake, OP probably wasn't OK. You could just remove the tiny bit of cake with blood on it.

72 - You clearly don't take cake seriously.

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Yes this is amazing! I also love your thumb nail profile pic thingy :D avenged sevenfold ftw!

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4, it's ok just make a portal to the hospital to save the wife.

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I must be a horrible person, because that was my first question also. Whoops!

It's not such a horrible thing that you should need to complain about it. Most likely, he realizes a cut will probably not kill you - would you rather he say "stick a band-aid and some disinfectant on it, you'll be okay"? I would've done just that, but you'd probably freak out about that, too. His attempt at a joke was his way to make you feel better, sorry you missed that.

He seems like the type who cares about his food more than his wife..

Really? I would've never guessed as much from the FML.

Don't most men? "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

21 - "The way to a man's heart is in his pants" - True story

Haha thats not how u get to my heart! ;) jus sayn' l

Husband: Did you get blood on the cake?! Wife: *covers blood spot on came with whip cream and strawberries* ... Noooo.........

Cake* **** you auto-correct! How dare you mess up the word "cake!"

Good thing you corrected yourself. Having the words 'came' and 'whip cream' in the same sentence of an FML about cake and bloody fingers would be rather confusing.

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Husband: "Mmm, sweet AND salty..?"