By disgruntled stepdaughter - 06/03/2013 19:11 - United States - Reno

Today, my step-mom stole over $100 in cash from me, dumped dirty cat litter all over my clean bed sheets, and called me a whore for having a polite conversation with my boyfriend. I confronted my father about it. He told me to forgive her, because she's "on her period." FML
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Blow up her car and say "I'm on my period"

pvtmeives 4

Quick Cinderella run before the evil stepmom makes you her slave


pvtmeives 4

Quick Cinderella run before the evil stepmom makes you her slave

Your STEPMOTHER is no one to be treating you any way but awesome and especially in NO place to be calling you a *****. She should be THANKFUL that you accepted such a stupid bitch in your life because she is NOT your mother or anyone significant. She did not raise you, she did not give you life, she is an absolute NOBODY other than the tramp that married your father, which can be admissible considering your father has awful taste in women. Pour bleach on all her clothes and pee on her side of the bed, then tell her you're on your period. She deserves no respect seeing as she doesn't even know how to ******* act as a grown "adult."

53, I agree with most of your comment, but how do you know the stepmom didn't raise the OP? When my father and mother started dating, he had a one year old from a previous marriage that my mother pretty much raised as her own.

For all we know she might have raised her. You don't know where her mother is or how old she was when her stepmother came into her life. I'm not saying what the stepmother did was right but you have no right to judge her that way. Maybe you have a horrible stepmother who you hate and think all stepmothers are the same but they aren't. Marrying a divorced man with children doesn't make a woman a tramp.

Corrupt_waffles 13

Well in all honesty step mothers who act like this probably are tramps and are also spoiled. Not to mention that this seems the first time it's happened since OP seems a little surprised from the way it's worded. Which means the stepmother is probably new to the household and OP is dreading to have her live there since she showed her true colors. That is what I gathered anyway. I could be wrong.

By the way OP sounds, it seems like she barely knows her step mom. Her father seems to think this is normal. If her step mother raised her, she would know her a lot better and be aware of how she reacts every time she's in bitch-mode. She wouldn't have to confront her father about it.

@76 and @77: I assumed she is new to the family by the way it was worded. OP seems to be surprised to learn how her stepmom is, which gave me the impression that she is new to the family. I also assumed that because if this woman had raised her, she wouldn't be stealing money from her. There are a lot of people that make wonderful parents even if the child is not biologically theirs; OP's stepmom just does not seem like one of them. She acts like a spoiled trophy wife.

Blow up her car and say "I'm on my period"

117 it is a girl. the name of the poster clearly states that when it where it says stepdaughter

I'd hate to see her "normal" state. Fyl op.

PMS is a bs excuse... *runs from horde of angry women*

sniperkit 10

I agree 100%. Just because a woman's on her period, it doesn't excuse bitchy behavior.

15- I'd say the stepmother's behavior is more psychotic than bitchy...

Riiight, hormones don't cause mood changes AT ALL..

Mood swings don't give someone the right to be rude to other people

37- No one said that so absolutely, men have hormones too, but don't usually use fluctuation in them as an excuse for insanity. The great thing about having higher intelligence is that we can consciously control most of our actions, and override the chemical cocktails that fuel our brain. Cloudy days affect my mood too, but I don't go loot the corner store an take a dump on my neighbors lawn when they roll around.

This is beyond bitchy behavior; this is psychotic, lunatic, stepmonster i-hate-my-stepdaughter behavior. Bitchy behavior would be nasty insults and screaming bouts.

OhDearBetrayal 25

Sorry but PMS happens in the days BEFORE a woman gets her period.

40- men are not superior to women nor are women superior to men. Hormones have nothing to do with intelligence, and your statement makes me thing intelligence is something you lack. Both men and women have hormonal times and though it doesnt excuse for excessive bitchyness

51- I think a lot of people are misinterpreting what I was saying. I meant "we" as in human beings, have the ability to overcome the instincts that drive animals. I also never once mentioned anything about men or women or vice versa being better. I noticed after posting that the wording was off, but was out of time before I could fix it. I "think*" that before you fire off an angry message about lacking intelligence, you should fully understand something. Make an inquiry before jumping to a conclusion.

Well considering that your wording pretty clearly implied that you think men are smarter than women, I think her angry response was justified. It's just a misunderstanding, no need to get fussy back at her because of your own poor wording.

54- I Got what you meant the first time right away, so I'm not sure how #51 wasn't able to comprehend and put that together. Funny how she's insulting your intellect in your comment, when she can't even figure out what you're saying.

57- I'm not going to let someone just insult my intelligence when either they misunderstood me or I chose the wrong words to convey an idea and couldn't fix it. Nor will I let people misinterpret me or think that I am prejudiced or a bigot, me defending myself is justified. I'm human and I made a mistake, there was no reason for her to insult my intelligence by any stretch. Did I mention I tried to fix the wording? Oh yeah, a few times now.

Sinkhole 26

You should just chill out, ironichalibut. Your wording was poor, as you have acknowledged it. You couldn't fix it, but you could have posted another comment to rectify your thoughts, especially considering that over an hour went by before you got a reply. You only explained what you meant after you were called out on it.

wanderingshopper 13

Noooo, men don't have mood swings, they just go around beating the crap out of each other and holding it in until they can't no longer and call it a mud-life crisis!

67- I've been "chill" this whole time, it's possible to debate or argue a point without becoming agitated. I didn't post a rebuttal until it was pointed out because I wasn't sure if it was that big of a problem, I thought people would be able to put the idea together. Also, in context, my comment was made in reply to a woman, so if in read proper context, it should've been easy to see I meant "we" in the general way. I also end posts with sarcasm because this is really a comedy app for me. But not this one. Unless that counts.

Halibut, you implied that men are superior (or at least more reasonable or more accepting of responsibility) when you said that both men and women have fluctuations in hormones but that men rarely use this as an excuse.

32510forever 10

#50- that's true, but my PMS is no where near as bad as the mood swings i get during my period :p it just sucks to be around me anywhere near that time haha.

kman8599 8

Stop being such a ... Pussy. Anywhoo I had a real hard time taking these comments seriously when all I'm reading in my mind is "meow meow" "hiss" "meow meow" and then when the mouse came along, shit got real. Oh my a guinea pig? What is this, Noah's ****** arc?

PatRme 9

I think you're looking for shit that just isn't there.

58- bitch ass loser who the **** asked you? Trying to act all smart, bitch you can suck my dick because nobody got your time

OhDearBetrayal 25

90- Maybe you should first consider the name of PMS. PREmenstrual syndrome. Pre, if you didn't know, means before.

79- Hey moron, keep up, you're behind. It was already addressed above that it not what he'd meant. You're just as bad as that girl who couldn't understand it, despite a few misplaced words.

KareBear7364 5

whoa can you say cray? sorry op.

Yes I can, but no one should ever say that.

I said it, but I still don't know what the hell it is...

KareBear7364 5

wow, none of you have a sense of humor. calm down people!

BellaBelle_fml 23

Everyone has a sense of humour. But not everyone has the same sense of humour. There is a massive difference.

In fact I do, but in fact you are not funny.

6- If you're saying "cray" as in the term used in "Paris" by Kanye West and Jay-Z then your using it wrong. It is referring to the Cray brothers, the only people to escape the most security guarded jail. So bye!

Looks like it's time to start writing down all the hyper-aggressive impulses that come to you for the next time yours rolls around, after all, it's all right if you're riding the red tide.

Just think what your dad has to put up with. I doubt you're dealing with the full brunt of this.

Difference is the dad chose to put up with it. I doubt the daughter had much of a say.

Bloody hell, in that case her father's a real trooper, and Saying otherwise is Pretty Much Silly!

perdix 29

Where's Moses when you need him?

perdix 29

#17, with all that blood on the doorposts, no wonder the Angel of Death passed over!

21 -The Angel of Death followed directions, even the misleading ones. Moses wandered around for 40 years; that sounds more like a guy thing.

Well OP, by that logic, you can exact any level of revenge you want, and just tell your dad you're on your period! :D