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Today, I had a long conversation with my fiancé about how smoking menthol cigarettes is not a substitute for brushing your teeth. He still isn't convinced. FML
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I can't even imagine what kissing him would be like.

Redoxx_fml 22

And vodka is a substitute for mouthwash


I can't even imagine what kissing him would be like.

ThisIsMyReign 4

1 - Spray windex in your mouth.

Yeah, I bet he's gonna say that smoking weed is like eating your vegetables next....

Alwayspullout 7

Um, smoking's bad for you, mmmkay?

The_Troller 14

15- Windex is probably a lot cleaner than OP's fiancée's mouth.

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17- you're an idiot. I've seen your comments in many things and lets just say: stick with prostitution.

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Looks like it's that time of the month for 40.

40- Your comment doesn't mean the slightest **** to me. All it shows is how much of an asshole you are for criticising a guy that didn't do anything. Stfu and gtfo no one needs your comments, his made more sense than yours.

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Depending on what else is mixed with you're weed it technically could be a vegetable.... It does come come from a leaf ;)

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#80 Then you get a mouth like in your picture

littletinyME 5

80, weed is made from the buds of the plants. Also, smoking something can not give you the nutrition that actual vegetables can.

I kinda just wanted to comment to say... HARVEST MOON PICTURE! Sorry about the nastyness, OP.

#1 probably like licking an old ashtray that has never been cleaned!

My ex was a smoker, and never used to brush his teeth. It used to grind my gears so much, there is absolutely no need for being unhygienic when you have available sources! (toothbrush, shower etc.) Give him a kick up the backside and tell him to fix up.

Dirty mouth? Clean it up with marlboro menthol!

Hey what coincidence I'm smokin that exact brand right meow. Mmm menthol... Good for the soul. *cough

Makes you feel like your taking a deep breath on top of a mountain, ahhhhh refreshing!!!

Yeah, cause he can't pop back out to the shop and get more, can he?

Sure he can. And then she can destroy those. And the cycle continues until he runs out of money, dumps her for caring about him and his health, or comes to his damned senses and quits.

JayJaysGirl 0

Yes well...Good Luck With That..

maronofhearts 19

Yeah Doc or becomes violent and puts other peoples lives in danger like hers because you're not only wasting his money that he earned but you're taking away his habit forcefully which is unhealthy and can cause him to become angry from withdrawal. Would've thought you'd be against that sort of thing Doc.

marzipanimal 15

I just got a chill from your picture #4

OwnageTheCat 2

Destroy ALL of the cigarettes!

maronofhearts - You would have thought wrong. I'm in favour of getting people to quit smoking however I can. If that means wasting their hard-earned money and making them angry because they're too stupid or lazy to quit, then so be it. Smoking is the number one (or two, depending on what statistics you believe) preventable cause of death in the world. So do I feel sorry for someone who gets irritable because he can't have his precious cancer stick? Nope, not one little bit.

IM so glad you feel that you have the right to try and take away their freedom of choice if they smoke, then they smoke get over it...

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Thats like someone washing thier body with WD40 and you being like "isn't that a cleaning agent?"

French_Toast_fml 3

Well, 2 out of 5 dentists smoke Camel Menthol, so I guess it works.

I can't believe you got thumbs down for this! Made me lol :)

....and 85% if online statistics are made up. Including mine.

The_Troller 14

85% is probably accurate though.

Yeah. I don't get why people complain about their relationship. I mean they're the ones who choose their boyfriend/girlfriend.

Agreed. I'm assuming this isn't a new habit.

Lizzy500 16

Considering how physically close you have to get to someone to make children and all that, umm yeah I could break up with a dude over something as "little" as hygeine.

That's just disgusting. Hygiene problem guessing?

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Why did she *start* kissing him??

Redoxx_fml 22

And vodka is a substitute for mouthwash

it does kill germs its alcohol after all just not as high a concentration

Actually... I think theres like alcohol in listerine and other mouthwash. Interesting possibilities...

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Durtee mouf? Clean it up with MENTHOL. Nauw in stylish new packs.

I'm seriously hoping you tried very hard to purposely spell that badly. Otherwise, no...Just no.

GypsyHearted 2

He's using phonics to depict a British accent.

I am guessing he is spelling out gangsta speak lol

moneybagz131 6

Nope just failing at pronouncing an English accent

How is everyone confusing this guy as being serious about his spelling? She pronounces those words in that manner, and I give him credit for trying. I wouldn't have gotten close to her accent.

What I am confused about is why he keeps alternating sexes. It's just not right!