By cantcloselegs - 20/10/2013 12:39 - United States

Today, I was using my new curling iron to curl my hair. I was sitting down. Suddenly I dropped the iron and, as a reflex, I caught it between my bare thighs. FML
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She's fine. Only suffered some burns here and there.

One of my friends just burnt her chin with her curling wand. It was pretty funny looking, the giant red spot it made.

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Can we just be grateful men don't have those problems?

OP is taking the term fire crotch to a new level.

Happened to me in fifth grade but with a pencil.

That's not the hair one usually curls...

"Hi, Billy Mayes here for the Cooch Curler!…"

"I found you in my bed, How did you wind up there? You are a mystery, Little black curly hair"

For some reason I read that in Salad Fingers's voice

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Salad Fingers! It's been 3 yrs, sniff.

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"Are you tired of your private area being bland? Are you tired of the exasperated sigh you imagine your lover giving as he goes down on you - if you had a lover? If so, this product is right for you! Get this fantastic product for only $19.95! But wait, there's more! Call now and you'll receive a limited edition pubic hair comb! Now you can give your beaver a look that is unique to you!" -Mustbe18yearsoroldertoorder.Severecoochburnsarepossiblewiththeuseofthisproduct.-

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28- Yeah, It's usually curly unless she's Asian.

I think OP meant after she got burned she can't close her legs

I've instinctively tried to catch a glass of wine before, it didn't go so well.

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If you can catch a glass of wine with your thighs, let me give you my number

Prepare to make a huge investment in bio-oil!

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This is why you shouldn't try to trap rods between your legs. It always leads to trouble.

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Ice ice baby? (Sorry, some days I'm so vanilla) :P

ripped off of Under Pressure by Queen ft David Bowie.

Everyone already knows that. And apparently I'm not "allowed" to like this song for A, B and C reasons. (Clones!) I'm not ashamed to admit that my guilty pleasure song list is about a mile long. :P

You're not supposed to put ice on a burn, you'll get frostbite. -.-

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I get the feeling that you use your phone on the toilet a lot...

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Ouch sorry OP. I recommend applying aloe vera frequently, and of course not using ice.