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Today, I financed my first car. I also made my first call to AAA when it broke down. It barely had any miles on it and I wasn't even home yet. FML
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I think I would be calling the seller back.

I don't have anything witty for this. Contact the seller, and figure out what the issue is, if they are a decent human being they'll help you out at the very least


I think I would be calling the seller back.

Whilst not the smartest move with choosing a vehicle, at least you were smart enough to have AAA.

Okay, let me give you some vehicle knowledge. If the vehicle was brand spanking new, like a 2015 with less then 30-50,000 miles it is usually under the original manufacturers warranty. Which means yes, OP has a warranty on said vehicle, if it was new/used hopefully there is some sort of 30 day warranty or OP could have gotten a extended service plan, which is a warranty with a co-pay depending on what's wrong. Good luck OP.

15, not all manufacturers warranties are the same. Some have 10yr/100,000mi. Some have lower.

absolutely right, however if the vehicle is brand new it is still under the manufacturer warranty. so OP's vehicle is still covered bumper to bumper. not like I don't know what I'm talking about. I worked for 16yrs in a dealership in parts and service.

I don't have anything witty for this. Contact the seller, and figure out what the issue is, if they are a decent human being they'll help you out at the very least

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It doesn't matter if they're a decent human being, if the car is ****** 3 times for the same reason, then the seller HAS to take it back, and refund all of the payments and down payment. The lemon law

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Actually you can return a car for the most part within a certain time period. My dad just returned a car and bought a new one from a different dealer bc the dealership he bought from was a pile of dicks

#11 no the lemon law protects the seller more then the buyer you have to be able to prove the seller knew about the problem when they sold you the car

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No, you really don't. You prove they knew about the problem by trying to get them to rectify it 3 times. It's like baseball. Three strikes and you're out son.

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#26 they are a pile of dicks eh? Does that mean they have lemon parties?


As someone whose father is in finance at a dealership and has people pull this shit all the time. in order for a dealership or seller to buy back a car under the lemon law you must provide documentation that the car has had the same problem 3 times. then they do not have to buy it back, they can give you the same exact model and year and just take the faulty car back.

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Or you could call the Better Business Bureau because you don't want to do business with a **** stick who just wants your money, and they will basically force them to refund it 100%... that or have a lawsuit on their hands. I'm sure your father has been in that situation before if he acts like that.

"El Ford Escort que me vendio es un limon!" "No no no, no es un limon. Es un carro fuerte."

Why in Spanish? Am I missing some reference here?

#27, he is saying something about being sold a ford escort that is a lemon. The guy selling it is insisting that it isn't a lemon, but a strong car. My Spanish is rusty

I understand that (Portuguese and Spanish are very similar), but is this a reference or something?

Sorry, yes it is a reference from The Simpsons when Bart and Lisa are watching a daytime court show and a woman and man are arguing over a car.

To anyone who cares, it says: "The Ford Escort you are selling is a lemon!" "No, no, no, it's not a lemon. It's a strong car!"

I dont understand why you keep getting downvoted. While I know not all Chevy cars are terrible, I have an uncle who works for Chevy and because of that we get HUGE discounts on their cars, so thats all we ever buy, and I know probably better than anyone how terrible Chevy really can be.


Judging by your name, OP, it should be under warranty.

that sucks. sorry OP but can we have a follow up?

Start looking into lemon laws for your state. You might be able to get reimbursed for any repairs that need to be made

The vehicle broke done once. Don't get to carried away right now man. Also the Lemon Law is not so easy to get. The car has to have broken down on numeral times. Hopefully it is something simple OP. You should be under the original warranty so you should be all set.

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New car lemon laws are Federal, not state; standard for all 50 states & the US Territories. There's no such thing as lemon laws for used cars.

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Take a photo of the odometer and show the dealer. Compare it to the miles that were last reported on their end. If they refuse to take the car back, you can definitely file suit. I say that assuming it was a used car. If it's new or certified pre-owned, you'll have a nice warranty to cover this stuff, and that includes free rental car while yours is being fixed.