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Lockdown is driving us down

Today, my husband went on a tirade, accusing me of bullying and being too hard on our kids. Apparently, I’m taking this homeschool thing too serious, and I need to cut them a break. All I did was make them write their letters and numbers on paper instead of just using their tablets. Yeah, real mean. FML
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By  sourgirl101  |  28

It’s not what you did, it’s how you did it. Sorry the way I interpret this FML it sounds like you could very well be a bully. Are you able to respect your husband’s input or must you be right at all times?

By  LadyRen  |  20

What’s the problem with tablets? They were still learning the same skill they would on paper.

I get trying to limit screen time, but it’s not like they were playing games. They were trying to learn.

By  tounces7  |  27

This really depends how you went about it. I've seen plenty of people describe perfectly innocent-sounding things when they were actually super nasty and mean about it.