Three years

By sleep deprived - 15/11/2019 20:00

Today, it's been three years since my sister gave me a kitten. Coincidentally, it’s also been three years since I've had sex. FML
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What do these two things even have to do with one another?

unless you smell like cat litter, I don't see how those two are connected.


What do these two things even have to do with one another?

unless you smell like cat litter, I don't see how those two are connected.

So OP's stating that he doesn't like to have sex with cats, just other animals??? Edited to add: ;-)

it would be the other way around because "it’s also been three years since I did not have sex" would imply they are having sex constantly not that they are having no sex at all.

So he USED to have sex with his sister?! But sex is sex; for some, it's what's called **********.

I'm actually not sure why you are so insistent that it means the OP is either having sex with the cat or with the sister. I think it is more likely that the OP is female and is making a crazy cat lady reference. As in, she's been given one cat and now all the sudden she has no sex life and spends all her free time with a cat rather than people.

You just wrote above, "they are having sex constantly" - so who's "they?" There's only three possibilities listed in the text. And it's YOUR contention of constant sex, but now you state that there's NO sex. Aren't you contradicting yourself?!

With whoever they pick up. If you have low standards you could likely pick up a random sexual partner a night with the occasion **** buddy thrown in.

I feel like like the OP meant the opposite but "it's also been three years since I did not have sex" would imply that the the OP is having sex so regularly since getting the cat that in three years there hasn't been a day they've gone without having it. So did the cat up the OP's game that much or did the OP mean "coincidentally it's also been three years since I last had sex"?

Yea, no; I think that OP's referring to having not having had sex with a GF/ BF in 3 yrs. I don't think that a cat would enjoy being raped repeated (much less even once) esp. by a much-larger-than-cat-sized dick and would avoid/ fight off OP every time....

Yeah, you're the only one taking it as the OP is having sex WITH the cat. My question was whether or not the cat has upped the OP's game in the same fashion that some people use their dogs to meet people. They don't use their dogs to have sex with them, they use the dog to draw in other human people which they than wind up having sex with. Also, nothing has indicated the OP has a BF/GF so they likely simply mean they aren't having sex with anyone, as in not even able to pick up a one night stand from the bar.

No, I'm not the only one. Richard Pencil commented as such below within an hour of my first comment. It's quite obvious that he's using the word "pussy" as double entendre (as he's posted likewise many times already). And yet you first stated, "OP is having sex regularly/ daily," so aren't you now contradicting yourself??? Also, you state, "regularly/ daily," so that implies more of either an NSA/ FWB/ GF, which is an-ongoing relationship, not one-night stands, which are by their nature randomly periodic - 'cuz nobody's that good of a pick-up artist. Yea, no; I highly doubt that anybody would be able to take his cat for a walk on-leash outside; it's against their general nature and bars/ restaurants typically don't allow pets for public health/ sanitary/ liability reasons, so IMO, most people would take your "upped the OP's game" as referring to his improved sexual prowess/ techniques in the bedtime, which would only occur if he's practicing as such on the feline. But I agree, this FML (just like our comments seemingly - lol) is written very ambiguously and it's also true, you can't trust that OP's a male solely by the indicated gender icon. I'm almost impressed by how well OP did that (presumably unintentionally). Lol!

"Here's a picture of my cat, want to come to my house and meet her?" doesn't involve taking the cat for a walk. That said, I do know people who take their cats out on leashes.

Since you did NOT have sex? I guess with reliable access to pussy...

Glad to see I’m not the only one who’s confused as hell.

Huh? I'm completely confused by this. what does a cat have to do with sex?

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Good thing you're enjoying the pussy your sister left you, shame you can't find one yourself

what ls going on, are you feeling resentment for the responsibility of caring for a pet?

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What does the kitten have to do with you not having sex???