By strandedguest - United States
Today, while my friend and I signed the guest-book at a wedding, the drunk guy at our table stole my friend's painkillers and car keys before getting into a cab. Didn't need the painkillers, definitely needed the keys. FML
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  nycy  |  0

Are you really that retarded? I mean come on not only do you not know what sarcasm is but if you read my first comment I said if you're in THE STATES as in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA moron. Unless you are saying you failed in which case I apologize for the meaness.

  Ohnocurly  |  0

I agree with Pen. It's not a fail the first time. I think I failed when I married the second guy who told me that. but in my defense I thought he was different because he smacked it when he said those... beautiful words to me *tear*... so beautiful.

  redbluegreen  |  40

Are you talking about little ol' Narnia, Anna? It's always been there, silly goose.

I don't believe in failure, but rather treating everything as a learning experience. Something didn't go as planned? Your joke fell on deaf ears? You've run out of rabbit food once again? Unless you're facing the guillotine, there's no excuse to see it any other way. You're only as brilliant and successful as you allow yourself to be.

  marinus_fml  |  19

11, how fuking boastful are you? anyone can have abs by simply reducing bodyfat. no pumping iron required. clearly u don't pump iron, look at your scrawny arms.

and no I'm most definitely not jealous, you are just a boastful prick. period.