By Anonymous - 30/05/2009 03:04 - United States

Today, I tried to imitate Mary Poppins by jumping off a shed with an umbrella. I spent the next 3 hours in the emergency room. My leg is broken. FML
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I'm sorry to hear your leg is broken, but honestly? Are you a complete idiot? For the sake of humanity, I hope you are a troll.

Gravity's a bitch, huh?


Authoress 0

I'm sorry to hear your leg is broken, but honestly? Are you a complete idiot? For the sake of humanity, I hope you are a troll.

jakefml33 0

if you do that, you're gonna have a bad time.

omgitserinnn 0

hello?!? haha shes mary poppins for a reason. no one can do what she can do:) sorry bout the leg tho.

Natural selection in action!!!

Why are you sorry to hear that #1 it is his own fault and also how do you break your leg jumping off a shed.

sounds to me like OP was high... I hope.

let's hope so. if he's not a troll, he should jump of something much taller, and rid the world of another idiot.

Kurg 0

hahaha your stupid. I literally said this out loud when I read it XD good luck with the leg though.

u r most likely a 40 year old virgin 400 pounds and a high school dropout

Ya know, weird shit tends to happen when you are a complete dumbass. Think next time and maybe things will look up for you

holygodthatshars 0

OMFG me and my friends did that on a fence! lol... it was SUPER windy and my one friend, his little sister was flying for a sec!! lol

OP, are you like, 7?

Supercalifragilisticexpiali - ouch! Break a leg was not meant literally u know

I hope the umbrella was okay. Jk I'm glad your okay but that's pretty stupid

Fireashes250 16

@ #443 If op was seven, they might have been able to "float"

Is it that hard to spell though? Why must you spell it like tho? (Not a grammar nazi, but it just really bugs me.)

For the sake of humanity, I hope OP is sterile.

Gravity's a bitch, huh?

crazyb56 0

gravity man, it's not just a good idea, ITS THE LAW!!!!!!

Not anything can happen, sorry op

got to go with #2

This is why we should kill all the stupid people.

Right your are my kind sir

agreed. Btw great profile pic #472

You deserved it, that was just plain dumb.

you sound like my friend who tried to armor lock and punched the ground to hard.

Honestly, OP is lucky natural selection didn't take her out of the population on this one.

Well that was pretty fucking stupid now wasn't it?

Next time jump head first

If it's true, YDI. If it's not, YDI.

You totally did that one to yourself.

Are you seven years old or something? How could you think that would work without hurting yourself?

I did that when I was seven, I did not get hurt but as I was falling I slid to the side

I used to do a similar thing when I was a kid with plastic bags for a parachute, but I knew the bag wasn't going to slow me down and the jump wasn't high enough to hurt me. I was about 7, YDI.

I did that once when I was five it was like 1 foot drop lol