By Jayde - 04/02/2012 05:12 - United States

Today, I received a single, hand-made Valentine's card from the weirdest kid in the school. It said, "If you ever get mauled by a bear, I hope he doesn't damage your face." FML
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Feel special, he cho-cho-chose you!

Hey, feel special. At least someone likes you.


be grateful you got something! better than nothing

kbobcat 0

That's a rage!!

pronounciations 5

Aw, how sweet.

He was trying to be funny, don't take it literally.

It's a little early to be handing out cards. But weirdos need love too.

jku 14

Seconded- if I got a creepy valentine, I'd be flattered! Cus you know- I haven't gotten a valentine since elementary.

- I bet if he wasn't weird then you would think it was funny because I have seen this card online and I thought it was funny- it's supposed to be "if you ever get mauled but a bear with chainsaw hands I hope he stays away from your face because you're cute."

OhbbyCx 6

That sounds like an Oatmeal original. ;)

DarkestHowler 0

You guys never heard that before? :0 "I hope if you get mauled by a bear with chainsaws for arms, he stays away from your face cause you're cute"

shanemaximo 7

What's your problem? Would you rather the bear damage your face? Geez.

That's so sweet! So he's the "weirdest kid in school"? That generally means they're socially awkward. He likely doesn't know the socially acceptable ways to flirt, and was simply expressing himself in the only way he could think of. Be flattered that someone so awkward had the guts to give YOU such an expression.

92 here is a box with my left ear in it. Marry me? Am I doing it right?

He got it wrong is a bear with chain saw arms lol he got it of the Internet

drlove78843 6

92- it doesn't work that way.

1 is that you in your pic? Looks like britney spears lol

Awww isnt that sweet

ok, thats original

Actually, compared to the standard everyday valentines card I'd say it is.

It was on Ifunny

It isn't that original though, I've seen the pic online a couple of times, although then it says: "If you ever get mauled by bears, I hope they stay away from your face because I think you're cute"

Thanks hipster. No one needs constant reminding of "I already saw that". Everyone knows from your sepia-stained lifestyle choices how fucking cool you are. People like you who have nothing to contribute other than, "I already saw that" are ruining society. It's not a race to see who can consume the most drivel on the Internet so you can spout off about it. Please STFU.

I got that exact card for valentines day when I was in high school around 2004/2005. I saw it floating around multiple times after I got it myself--it's really common around the internet and it surprises me that not more people recognize it. Not really "hipster" to make note of that

Hahaha, wow, relax please - I wasn't trying to be hipster (and I wasn't trying to start a fight either)

Colonel_Lexi 18

It was HANDMADE too! I'd accept something handmade rather than store bought any day!

That's happened to me before ...

Freaking oath it is :p

Hey, feel special. At least someone likes you.

SecretMe00 5

OP must have a gorgeous face.

Its the thought that counts? o-o

Feel special, he cho-cho-chose you!

Me fail English? That's unpossible.

Unwiseone you must be old... Every valentine card set for elementary school kids has one with a train or a Pokemon that says that. Get it now?

I was thinking Simpsons...

Least somebody spotted it :-)

LivingProdigy 0

To to today jr

My cats breath smells like cat food.

So... Do you like stuff?


PS3 FTW (>^J^)>?

Awesome simpsons reference:)

harkerk87 3

You are quite beautiful

It might be a sign he has a savage side, and you're his next victim. ;)

What a masochist!

SpruceDread4578 13

Sounds kinky ;D

Namerkp2 8

I think he took dating advice from Rodney Alcala (look him up if you don't know)

TheChad85 1

But at least her face will be salvaged! Lol

Even the weirdest kid in the school can love someone.

Agreed, I dated the "school freak" and everyone made fun of him. We dated for 3 great years, and were best friends for 5. They can turn out to be pretty amazing people, those "weirdos".

9's picture looks relevant to her comment. As well as op's admirer.

Shadow_Phantom 26

Wh-what? He sends you something nice and you have this sort of reaction? All I can really do is YDI, since there's no "where exactly is the FML, here?" button.

Shadow_Phantom 26

Okaaaaaaay. Clicked on the rules. "Please don't post any comments which question the validity of an FML (accusing the original poster of submitting a fake story, or arguing that an anecdote is "not FML worthy" or "even "not an FML" based solely on your own personal intuition or opinion isn't very fair. Furthermore, it ruins the other users' reading experience)." Honestly, this rule is a load of rubbish. it's not like I'm being rude when I post.

Epsilonyx 15

Send one back saying "Roses are red, violets are blue, I want u 2 suck my phalanges xoxo" with a picture of Nicolas Cage's face on a cupcake.

Or saying roses are tits, violets are tits, I like tits, tits

Metal_Chick 15

Or saying roses are like wolverine, violets are like dicks, if you join them together that's what he is!

112- I'm assuming the poetry section in English for you wasn't very fluent?