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Today, I took the 6 year old I'm babysitting to the mall to see Santa after weeks of her begging. We got there in time to see him get out of his Prius and dress in the parking lot. FML
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37- times like these I wish stupid comments could be deleted

Well it's 2011, WTF u was expecting him to get thierry with his slide, Santa is a human too and he should do what he pleases

Well duh he has a prius. He has to go around the world in one nite and uve seen how great the gas mileage on those things are

76- Santa is goin green!! And he even has a Segway!


Well you know reindeer arnt exactly fuel efficient, plus I wudnt want to be behind a slay of them after a giving em full meal

I always imagined Santa as a Volkswagen kind of guy...

Santa is deffinetly a Mercedes guy. Have you seen the commercial.

Dumbass the kids six. She thinks Santa is real and doesn't want to watch a random guy get dressed as Santa in the parking lot!

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Your pic goes well with a previous FML!

happy Hanukkah because not everyone on this site celebrates Christmas (joyous Kwanzaa everyone)

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Do you get a mountain of gifts on hannukah? I think not, therefore, Merry Christmas. Good day.

no just a small mound a day over several days

7 days, 7 gifts as I recall. Menwhile every Christmas theres a large pile of presents eaiting under the tree to be opened together with family. Best holiday, especially when Skyrim's involved!

skyrim makes everything better but I got mine at the midnight release

Just wait until he tells all his friends at school..

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I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter.

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56- How about xosportsboy? Huh? ;)

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You people are idiots. Every last one of you.

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Of course, 119. You're a lifeless FML commenter that may possibly insult her in the future. So obviously you are of low intelligence.

Time for me to chime in... Yep we are all idiots as seen through the eyes of a fool!! Sorry darl, but im pretty sure you just possibly made yourself look like the biggest idiot on the internet.

My IQ dropped to below mentally retarded while reading comments from sportsgirl. I had to headbang a wall to put my beyond retarded brain cells out of their misery. Then I got a brain transplant, for 30$ in the back of a crusty old van.

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I'm talking about society in general. Have you never been out in public?

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Whatever, I'm done, not arguing on the Internet.

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Santa just got tired of those reindeer decided on transportation better for his aching back.

Well a Prius is an appropriate car for Santa. The north pole is melting so he wants to be environmentally conscious.

I'm not sure if it's worse that she figured out Santa's not real or that she saw a fat guy changing

Santa just wasn't changed, come on now ;p.

I wonder what was your son's reaction. (cough) (cough)

It says the kid they were babysitting. Read the FML through to the end please.

Did your read the first half of this FML?

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Also "your son"? It states she's a girl

Ignore my comment. 6 had put "first" in his comment then edited it after seeing he was 6th.

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It was a girl, and It wasn't her child. How do you fail so miserably?

Merry christmas.. Santa is a fat hairy dirtbag..

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Putting quarters in dryers just to see a woman bend over? Shame on you Santa!

Save the children from sitting on this man's lap!!!

Wait, isn't that always what Santa was? "tummy like a bowl of jelly, long white beard, 'ho ho ho'"?

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Or the old fat guy could be jewish looking to make a few pennis dressing like santa

Santa isn't a dirtbag though. Hes supposed to bring joy to the world not crush little kids dreams.

Dirtbag? He carries around a bag full of coal!

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And this is how people become jaded

Noo honey...It takes some certain herbs to be jaded xD

How careless of that man to dress up in the parking lot...