By darthinvader - 16/07/2010 00:17 - United States

Today, I took some new allergy medicine I had never tried before, and I didn't bother reading the side effects. I then went to school. It was almost an hour before dismissal when I had felt a warm feeling on my legs. One of the side effects to my new medicine was bladder control problems. FML
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karmaSUCKS321453 0

are you sure its a side effect or an excuse?

ahahahahah(: Thats sucks op, but next time read the Warnings! They're there for a reason!


forget all my comments.. they were for six but stupid fml cut them off

Sometimes the pound sign cuts off my comments. It's weird.

karmaSUCKS321453 0

I appreciate your effort.

schwancy 2

I'd rather have my allergies act up than not be able to control my bladder.

cheergirly16 0's always a good idea to read the side effects...

You like how when you look the side effects of a medicine it makes it feels like the side effects the medicine can give you ALONE make it sound worse then your illness. "WARNING: MAY CAUSE DEATH"

Too many typos above but I don't care, it's 230 and I'm tired and I'm typing on my iPhone, oh well!

shuzzykenz 0

dude...... like... why? o.o .... i think i would conjure up enough bladder control to avoid peeing myself... just saying

I totally agree ^^^^

that's what depends are for. use them

that means dick in Yiddish haha xD. ummm...yea...bladder control...hmmm....why the fuck would you put this on fml. you know ppl r just gonna make fun of you.

looks like its back to diapers for someoneee!

Lichinamo 33

I just have to reply. I don't know why. For some reason I just love this comment.