By stinky car - 16/08/2013 03:18 - United States - Bessemer

Today, I went on a new medicine. One of the listed side-effects was "anal seepage" and I spent the better part of the day laughing with my coworkers about how it's "not a real side-effect". I found out that it really is while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way home. FML
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That was its way of saying "**** you, I'm real"


friedpwnadge 25

I hope the truth doesn't leak out OP, things could get messy with your coworkers giving you shit about it.

I believe that an ingredient on lays chips caused that, then it was removed

You should never kid about anal seepage, cause that gives it the perfect time to strike.

That really sucks, OP. Time to invest in some Depends and call it a day.

RedPillSucks 31

Or a tampon or sanitary napkins. That'll stop your coworkers from laughing about the anal seepage

That sound like a shitty situation you got yourself into.

No. No more shitty situations. That comment is dead and all who attempt to resuscitate it are doomed to be buried in the bowels of hell.

Jake_Hale 7

Lol #3 beat me to it. So funny

I propose a new rule. Anyone who uses that comment from now on should be banned from commenting on FML for a year.

No, 48, their comment should just be buried ass deep and they should get the picture from all the comments telling them to shut up.

FYL for sure. I hope it doesn't last long!

That was its way of saying "**** you, I'm real"

hcollins1 18

44, do you know what karma means?

Look on the bright side, you can use this to your advantage if ever constipated.

Should be anal about the side effects next time.

Well at least you can make a joke out of a shitty situation. :( sorry op side effects suck

Gotta hate when the side effects of a medication are actually worse than the current symptoms you have. "Have a runny nose? Take blahblah to fix it! Side effects may include blindness, lose of smell, and testicular cancer. "