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Today, our AC broke. It's 98 degrees inside the house. My parents will be staying at a 5 star resort until the repairman can come to fix the unit in 6 days. They made me stay home to make sure the plants survive. FML
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ThisGi 0

Let the plants die

*borrow* your parents visa card and hire some men to build you a pool to stay cool Then tell your parents if they can pay for the resort they can pay for the pool!


Megs431 6

Nixe parents...

Megs431 6


I wonder what effect bleach has on plants.

1- Nice spelling. Typo?

extrovertical 0


What about them?

Parents are out, run around naked :D

Mine broke at 9 oclock and in texas outside its 106 degreese My house was over that i called my parents while they went out to a friends house and they called someone to fix the A/C while they went to a hotel to stay and the person who came to fix the A/C at 1 A.M i was in the house the hole time and i lost all my money to pay the repair guy

Pixxio_O 11

So.... Did the plants survive?

That's Texas for you.

duckman9 55

Thats what kids are for: doing the stuff the parents dont want to!

Fun fact, air conditioning can make you fatter. So by staying in your house, your body is burning tons of calories trying to regulate it's heat :D hooplah, this can be a good thing!

HOUSE PARTY. at night obviously, during the day everyone would simply boil.

Heyy idk how to do the whole messaging thing but you should message me :)


i was gna put that too 117 ill throw partys for most uf dem days

Lostdonut 3

This sounds like a regular day in my house hahaha. At least we sweat some pounds off :D. Texas heat baby!

I hate to correct, but cooler air is better. when you sweat, all you lose is waterweight. when it's cold, your body has to burn energy to maintain your body temp, so you actually burn fat when cold

bfflrhea 0

It called a fan....

No both u guys are wrong, you burn fat while entering competitive gum chewing competitions which, also, make u have strong jaws. Wait....this is FML is off topic

Throw a party!!!

andy_l 14

I say get revenge and let them die.

why didn't the parents just take the plants?

ThisGi 0

Let the plants die

And mess with their stuff

kevsnev 7

Think about it this way OP, plants use a process called photosynthesis which gives us the oxygen we need to live. You should water the plants since they helped keep you alive 'til today.

Actually water kept her alive until today. ^

Get a fan?

25shark 5

Are you doing a good job? Stay cool!

bthomas0319 2

I would say "Fuck you and your plants!"

Are you saying you want them to "fuck the plants"??? Sick bastard.

Buy a window unit for around $100.00 for 1 room

Or.. just leave the house

elmogoezRAWR 0

Make that room, YOUR room.

his parents just want to fuck

*borrow* your parents visa card and hire some men to build you a pool to stay cool Then tell your parents if they can pay for the resort they can pay for the pool!

Senior29 8

burn the damn plants ;)

kill the plants in revenge!

123jade456 0

that stinks.

superjewwwwww 0

Forget about the plants. Go to a friends house

sxe_beast 11

This is exactly what I was going to suggest. Fuck the plants. Go stay with friends. Worst. Parents. Ever.

Exactly right, No. 11. My parents did that to me once when I was in high school. They took my brother and the three of them went to the beach and left me with the cat. I stayed with a friend and just went over to the house twice a day to feed the cat and change her litter and of course when the AC repairman came so he could get in and fix the darned thing. When they came home they were really pissed because they wanted to rub my nose in all the fun they had while I sweated like a dog. I got to smile and tell them I spent it splashing around in my friend's new pool and sleeping in their air conditioned home.

I hate how dope plants require so much water....